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Affirmative Prayer

Each and every one of us is a magnificently unique expression of Spirit. Sometimes we are in need of remembering this Truth of who we are. Practitioners assist in reminding us of our Truth. The Ministry of Prayer Practitioners are those who have walked the path of Understanding and Knowing Truth. They are trained through the study of the Science of Mind. They are skilled in the art of Prayer Treatment or affirmative prayer. They welcome requests for prayer treatments on any desires or challenges you may have.

Click the email icon underneath any practitioner’s name to request an affirmative prayer. Or submit the brief form at right and we will direct your request to an appropriate practitioner.

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Our Practitioners and Intern Practioners

Anita Baroldi


Jill Burnett


Marlene Cuckler

RScP; Teen Advisor

I became a Practitioner in 2001. It was the last Practitioner class that treated for our new minister, Dr. Heather. I became a Practitioner because of my love for classes, Spiritual growth and connection. My volunteer positions currently are Practitioner, Choir, Hospitality and Teen Group Advisor. I started helping in our Youth Church when my…

Rick Dale


Darrolyn Fennelly


Patrick Freeman


Patrick Freeman has been a Licensed Practitioner at the Center for Spiritual Living – Capistrano Valley since 2013. He is also a member of the choir. As a long-time student of the Science of Mind, Patrick has always lived a spiritual life but found his heart’s home at CSLCV. Patrick and his wife, Joann, run…

Dave Friedman


Dave has been a Practitioner of Science of Mind since the Summer of 2013. An active member of CSLCV, Dave is the organizer and facilitator of the Men’s Group, part of the Choir, and helps with the Youth program. He also acts as a teaching assistant, and is generally around to help out with whatever…

Aidan Greaney

RScP; Board of Trustees - Trustee

Aidan Joined the Center in 2007 and became a trustee in 2009 serving six years. In addition to his work as a trustee, Aidan volunteers as an usher, in hospitality, on the Home that We Own committee, as a  practitioner and on our Commitment Experiment. Aidan has a warm gentle soul and wants the best…

Amy Greenroyd


Amy has been a member at the Center for Spiritual Living Capistrano Valley since 2011. Amy has been an active student regularly taking classes offered at the Center to gain a deeper understanding and active use of the Science of Mind principles.

Jeanne Hounshell


Jeanne has been a licensed practitioner of the Science of Mind for 15 years.  Jeanne says about her work as a practitioner, “I believe that everything that comes to us in life, comes to bring us more joy and that has proven true in my life. I started practitioner training to grow and really learn…

Joanne Leone


Joanne is a professional speaker, writer, organizer, certified life coach and Master Prosperity Teacher. Her life experience as well as tools learned while on pilgrimages to Glastonbury England, Sedona and Mt. Shasta, as well as fire walking and experiencing ancient spiritual practices, has given her great insights she likes to share as tools to make…

Christine Lowe


Faith Mäki


Fred Mercado

RScP; Board of Trustees - President

Raised as a Roman Catholic in parochial school for ten years, Fred had a deep connection with God/Spirit from a very early age. His Catholic upbringing established a solid spiritual base from which he later branched out into a more universal acceptance of many spiritual paths that were all to be honored. As so many…

Doris Palardy


Pam Rocke


Pamela (Pam) Rocke is a licensed Practitioner of Science of Mind since 2011. As a member of Center for Spiritual Living – Capistrano Valley since 2004, Pam has acted in various leadership roles at the Center. Currently, Pam is the assistant Practitioner to Rev. Alene Kramer and is the Sunday Coordinator responsible for the successful…

Hans Smith

Prayer Partner

Hans Smith has been a member of CSL since 2000. He has been serving as a practitioner for the last 7 years. He is very happy to serve in this and in other capacities in our center. Hans lives the good life here in San Clemente, and works in the Landscape and appraisal fields. Hans…

Toni Sparks


Toni has been a member of the Center for Spiritual Living – Capistrano Valley since 1997. She is a licensed Practitioner of Science of Mind and the leader of the Animal Kinship Ministry. She enjoys singing in the choir and teaching in the Youth Church. She also acts as a pleasant greeter on Sunday mornings…

Kathy Storey

RScP; Board of Trustees - Trustee, Animal Kinship Ministry

Kathy has been a member of the Center for Spiritual Living Capistrano Valley since 2003. She serves as a licensed Practitioner for this Center because “I know prayer changes everything. Love and service has been my pathway to Spirit, so it’s not a surprise that I head up the Volunteers Ministry. I serve in hospitality,…

Donna Wallace