Board Commitment

We, the Board of Trustees, as servant leaders of the Center for Spiritual Living Capistrano Valley, are united in our commitment to serve our Center with love, wisdom, courage, faith, confidence, acceptance, authority and authenticity.

We know that in so doing we create a spiritual environment that is energetic, welcoming, safe and fulfilling to all, physically, mentally and spiritually.

We are dedicated to creating a Center which is committed to providing spiritual tools for everyone; awakening humanity to its own magnificence encouraging spiritual maturity and developing a relationship with God, thereby creating a world that works for everyone.

Individually and collectively we demonstrate our faith and our conscious awareness of the power of the One Mind by the clarity in which we hold the vision for our beloved Center as a vital, loving, abundant expression of Spirit.

Rev. Dr. Heather Clark – Spiritual Leader/Board President

Marge Hobbs – Vice President

Grant McPhail  – Treasurer

Lee Van Slyke – Secretary

Aidan Greaney, RScP – Trustee

Claudia Riley – Trustee

Harry Muesse – Trustee

Board Qualifications

Please click for the list of qualifications and job descriptions for Board of Trustee members. Anyone who would like to be considered for a position on the board should download and read this document.

Board Commitment

Please click here for a PDF of the Board of Trustees commitment.

Members of the Board of Trustees

Dr. Heather Clark
Rev. Dr. Heather Dawn Clark, Spiritual Advisor

Spiritual Leader; Board of Trustees - President

Dr. Heather is the Director of the Center in charge of all day-to day business affairs. In collaboration with the Board of Trustees, she sets the vision, mission, goals, objectives and policies of the Center. Dr. Heather is responsible for the staff and determines the scope, nature and course of their respective duties and authority. Dr. Heather is in charge of all spiritual affairs of this Center including the nature and order of the services, events, classes, music, speakers and workshops.

Marge Hobbs

Board of Trustees-Vice President

Marge Hobbs has been a member of the Center of Spiritual Capistrano Valley (CSLCV) since 2017. While living in San Clemente for the past 20 years, she was invited to CSLCV where she found a warm, inclusive spiritually accepting center, her new spiritual home. She has attended consciousness expanding courses, Sunday morning services and Wednesday night gatherings, small groups gatherings, etc. She found these opportunities were life changing and has committed herself to this community and to spiritual enrichment. She believes “life is better when we’re together” in the CSLCV community.

Marge is a native Southern Californian whose career began as a teacher and evolved through administrative roles in five school districts and universities. She retired from her educational life in 2008. She enjoys traveling having a long list of future locations and countries to visit. She belongs to AAUW and Friends of Yimbo, a non-profit organization that supports a village school and community in Kenya. She has two beloved daughters and two precious grandchildren.

Lee Van Slyke

Board of Trustees-Secretary

Lee has been coming to the Center for Spiritual Living Capistrano Valley since 1994. He attends classes regularly and says, “Life goes better when I’m in a class.” An active Rotarian in San Clemente, Lee supports our outreach into the local community in south Orange County.Lee and his wife Dena Hart Van Slyke, RScP, are active in interfaith work. They have attended conferences of the American Humanist Association and the Parliament of Religions. They work with a Calvarian (Pentecostal) ministry in Copperbelt, Zambia, aiding widows, orphans and vulnerable children in one of the poorest areas of the world.

Harry Muesse
Harry Muesse

Board of Trustees-Trustee

Harry has been coming to the Center for Spiritual Living Capistrano Valley since February 2013. Harry and his wife Laura are active members at CSLCV and together have found their experiences with the Center and its members greatly enriches their lives. Harry enjoys Science of Mind classes, participating in the Jewel Tones choir, and the community atmosphere of the Sunday and Wednesday services as well as the Center’s other special events. A native Southern Californian, Harry has lived in San Clemente since 1998. He retired from the telecommunications industry after a career spanning 35 years in technical operations management. Harry’s hobbies include music, cooking, and living the life of his dream here in San Clemente.

Grant McPhail
Grant McPhail

Board of Trustees- Treasurer

Grant McPhail has been a member of Capistrano Center for Spiritual Living for 15 years during which time he has taken classes on a regular basis, a number of them several times. He knows that the opportunity the Center offers to continually expand ones consciousness thorough the classes both in the study and the interaction with other class members can be life changing, bringing into constant focus our oneness with God and the limitlessness of our individual potential.

Growing up in New Zealand, Grant has a fifty year career in business, primarily real estate development in New Zealand, Canada and the USA. He is married to Rita, an active member of the Jewel Tones Choir. Both are avid tennis players and semi-avid golfers.

Claudia Riley

Board of Trustees-Trustee

Claudia Riley has been a member of the Center for Spiritual Living Capistrano Valley since 2018. As soon as she entered the doors Claudia fell in love with the CSLCV spiritual community and their commitment to inclusivity and love. Claudia was born and raised in Medellin, Colombia she is passionate about her Latino community and is excited to create more opportunities for them at the CSLCV. Outside of the spiritual center Claudia is a Leadership and Personal Development Coach and Trainer. Claudia loves what she does and is very grateful for the constant support she receives from her kids and husband. Claudia is very passionate about inspiring human beings to achieve their maximum potential her philosophy is, “If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow we aren’t really living.”

Aidan Greaney

RScP; Board of Trustees - Trustee

Aidan Joined the Center in 2007 and became a trustee in 2009 serving six years. In addition to his work as a trustee, Aidan volunteers as an usher, in hospitality, on the Home that We Own committee, as a  practitioner and on our Commitment Experiment. Aidan has a warm gentle soul and wants the best for himself and everyone he knows. He wants to best possible experiences for our Center. He believes that through Affirmative Prayer all things are possible. He became a trustee so he could contribute to the good of the Center. He loves his career as a mortgage loan originator who works with real estate agents and their clients in buying and selling homes.