Prayer Treatment for Health

By Reverend Judee Chapman

There is one Life, one Mind, one Spirit, one health, one vitality and one energy. I accept myself as the health of the Living God.

I decree into my subconscious mind that any and all patterns that could possibly cause disease of any kind are now neutralized, denied, robbed of all authority.

Therefore, every pattern of normal health is now activated in my mind. I am radiantly healthy. I am the energy, the vitality, the strength of the Living God. I am this because my mind now has the order to be this. So subconscious mind, you ordain it, and I rejoice in your perfect work.

And so it is.

Affirmations for Health and Well Being

My body glows with radiant energy and good health.

Every organ, action and function of my body is in perfect balance.

Life flows and sings throughout my body.

Vibrant life flows through every cell of my body.

I love this body, and I feel it’s aliveness and sparkling vitality.

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    Prayer Treatment for Health

    by Raymond Charles Barker

    In this moment, I recognize the presence of God, right here, right now. I know that there is only one loving essence, One Divine Intelligence, One Awesome Wisdom, and this Power is everywhere present at all times. This energy lives in me, as me, and through me with every thought and every action. I am an excellent idea in the mind of Spirit and I express health at all times. I am crystal clear in my receptivity to all my Good for I know that it is all God. I am in perfect health. I love my temple and take excellent care of it. I eat food that is good for me, I rest and relax, and I am grateful for the flexibility and energy I experience in my life. I know declare that any mental blocks or obstacles to optimum health, are false beliefs and no longer serve me. Today I change my thinking and change my life. I know that I create my good and I do it with love and joy. Any thoughts of dis-ease are replaced with perfect health. My life is fulfilling and special and I express this truth with every action. I give great thanks for this, for it sets me free to know the truth. I now release these powerful words to the Universal One Mind. I let go with confidence knowing God delights in my joy and peace. And so it is!