A Prayer for Prosperity

by Aidan Greeney, RScP

Spirit is the Source, Substance and Supply of everything in life including abundance, health, plenty and happiness. I recognize it as the One Source of all that there is. This Source is everywhere present and It is That which is Never-Ending.

I live move and have my being in this Source and this Source is in me. It and I are one.Aidan Greaney

Since this Source is never-ending in Its supply, I know that I am always provided for. Every single need is met and each and every desire is manifested. Knowing that Spirit provides for me by providing through me, as me, I simply relax and let go and let Spirit do It’s good work through me and, as I do so, I am supplied with an excess of every thing that makes life worth living.

I give thanks that I am richly provided for in every area of my life.

I release these words into that immaculate law that manifests this word so perfectly.

And so it is.

Affirmations for Prosperity, Increase and Supply

My income is constantly increasing.

Today is a delightful day. Money comes to me in expected and unexpected ways.

I prosper wherever I turn.

Wherever it is that I work, I am deeply appreciated and well compensated.

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Prayer Treatment for Supply

by Dr. Ernest Holmes

A treatment after this manner should prove the law of abundance in the life of those who use such statements, and believe in them:

I am surrounded by pure Spirit, by God, the Living Spirit. My thought is God thought, and it is the law unto that thing where unto it is spoken. Everything that I do shall be a success. I am led, guided and inspired by the Living Spirit of Love and of right action. I am compelled to move in the right direction and to always know what to do, where, and how to do it.

I am surrounded by right action. I am filled with the consciousness of right action. Right action is success in all that I undertake to do. I am successful in all my undertakings, and I am compensated for all my efforts. I am surrounded by Substance, which is always taking the form of supply and always manifesting Itself to me in the form of whatever my need may be at the time.

I always have an abundance of money and an abundance of whatever it takes to make life happy and opulent. There is a continuous movement toward me of supply, of money, of all that I need to express the fullest life, happiness and action.

All good is now mine and is now manifest in my experience. I do not compete with anyone, for I am and remain forever myself. This self is united with all selves, but is always an individual and a unique self. There is that in me which all people recognize as worth while and desirable, and everyone whom I meet loves this self of mine and recognizes its worth. I draw all toward me and those whom I can benefit and those who can benefit me are irresistibly drawn toward me. I do not strain, will or coerce. I know. The Truth makes me free from the fear of poverty or bondage, and emancipates me from the thought of limitation. I see that money, like everything else that is desirable, must be a spiritual idea, and I know that I have this idea right in my mind at this moment, I shall always have this idea of abundance. It is mine and I take it.

The opportunity for self-expression and compensation is always open to me and I am at all times compelled to know, accept and operate upon this opportunity. I have abundance because I am abundance. “All that the Father hath is mine.”

And So It Is.