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The Center for Spiritual Living Capistrano Valley is dedicated to helping people live happier, more meaningful, successful and love-filled lives. We do this by teaching the Science of Mind principles. Our parent organization, the Centers for Spiritual Living, has developed dozens of classes to do just that. Here at Capistrano Valley, we offer the basic classes and many of the more advanced classes throughout the year.

There are no prerequisites. However, many students find it helpful to take one or more of the Foundation Level classes before moving on to more advanced classes. Because each class is rich with information, ideas and new practices, it is highly recommended that you take only one class at a time. You may take a class as many times as you like. Lots of people do!

New classes start throughout the year!

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Description of Certificated Courses

  • The Spiritual Path (SOM 101) plus Spiritual Mind Treatment: The Nature of Effective Prayer (Science of Mind 102)  -16 weeks

The first part of this class covers the basics of what we believe. This is a class that starts with the spiritual practice of silent meditation. The powerful second part of the class teaches you how to clearly and effectively construct and use your own affirmative prayer.


  • New Foundations of the Science of Mind  -10 weeks

This is a revision and widely updated new version of the Foundational Course. It presents a new spiritual principle each week and a spiritual practice to support that principle. The Creative Process is introduced at the beginning of the class and then flows through each week, so that the student has the opportunity to see and use the Creative Process at work in each spiritual principle. Each week also features the writing of one of our elders as well as one of our contemporaries on the subject at hand. These include Dr. William Hornaday, Dr. Frank Richelieu, Terry Cole Whittaker, Dr. Jesse Jennings, Dr. Kathy Hearn, Dr. Linda McNamar, and many more.


  • Beyond Limits -10 weeks

This course is the dynamic new course that has been successful at Mile Hi Church. It takes the foundational principles and offers them in a new format for beginning students and those unfamiliar with Science of Mind. Topics include Oneness, spiritual mind treatment, the reciprocal universe, the Creative Process, hidden beliefs, and other essential principles. It also offers new wording and ideas for presenting our basic ideas in new ways. This course includes a beautiful PowerPoint presentation that the instructor can use to guide the students through each class presentation.


  • The Essential Ernest Holmes – 10 weeks

This course is a loving tribute to Dr. Ernest Holmes and all of the wisdom he brought to our world. The course is based upon What We Believe? Each week the student has the opportunity to examine each of the ideas contained in it and uncover ways to make the power of this teaching come alive in her/his life. Each week has a meditation on Light that takes the student progressively deeper and deeper into the Light to find Inner Truth.


  • The Edinburgh Lectures (Science of Mind 207) -8 weeks

Based on the classic lecture series, The Edinburgh Lectures have inspired nearly every other early New Thought writer. Judge, Thomas Troward delivered these lectures in Scotland in 1904, and they have served as the touchstone for metaphysical thinking to this day. Troward’s mind is logical, brilliant, and extremely precise. This class is excellent for the serious student of New Thought.


  • Thomas Troward: Edinburgh Lectures – 8 weeks

This course is designed to give students understanding and knowledge of the principles presented in The Edinburgh Lectures by Thomas Troward. Each week is devoted to a different chapter with the Core Principles from the Foundational Courses outlined. Students and teachers are asked to create questions for the course to make the discussions lively and relevant. In course exercises, expand the experience and understanding of the wisdom of Troward.


  • Creative Process in the Individual (Science of Mind 213) -8 weeks

This class is based on the book of the same name which explains the nature of creative action, beginning with the formation of the universe and ending with a vista of infinite possibilities attainable by the individual. Troward argues from basic principles we all understand, and shows how these principles may be carried into the future. He relies on the maxim that “Principle is not bound by precedent,” and by the premise that we are not only able, but also required, by the law of our own being, to take a more active part in our personal evolution than has ever occurred in the past.


  • Exploring Roots – 10 weeks

This course provides the student with an understanding of the historical roots in America of Ernest Holmes’ philosophy. Specific emphasis is given to the works of Thomas Troward, Emma Curtis Hopkins, and Ralph Waldo Emerson.


  • From Whence We Came – 10 weeks

If you like history, then From Whence We Came is a course you will find most interesting. You won’t have to memorize dates or place names. The history is one of ideas, which converged in American culture to become what we now know as Religious Science and the larger New Thought movement. These ideas originally arose before recorded history, but were rediscovered in the 19th century by some notable people whose works are read and discussed in this course. These great luminaries of New Thought were the first to frame them in words and make them accessible to the general public.


  • Treatment and Meditation: Spiritual Practices for Daily Living – 10 weeks

This course focuses on the student developing lifetime habits of meditation and Spiritual Mind Treatment. Spiritual Mind Treatment for oneself is reviewed and strengthened, and then students advance to treating for other people.


  • Power of Your Word – 8 weeks

This is an amazing course on the power of Spiritual Mind Treatment. Each week is a thoughtful approach to the deeper understandings of prayer: How does the nature of God and man create prayer, the impact of creative law and beliefs, what to pray for, affirmative treatment, and the state of continuous prayer. Each week has experiential exercises to give these ideas a reality for the student.


  • Building a Healing Consciousness (Science of Mind 103) – 8 weeks

This course uses The Science of Mind to deepen the student’s basic understanding of this teaching. It logically follows the courses, Science of Mind 101 and Science of Mind 102.


  • Meditation is More Than You Think – 8 weeks

This is an introductory meditation course that begins with the beginner and moves step by step through the powerful tool of meditation in many different modalities. Topics include meditation with light, mantras, sound, movement, breathing, and more. Each week is very experiential with various forms of meditation that the student can then take with them for a richer practice at home.


  • Self-Mastery: The Emergence of the True Self – 8 weeks

The Self Mastery Course focuses on healing the perceived separation between personality and Spirit. Through an active exploration of the creative nature of thoughts and feelings, beliefs and emotions, the students have an opportunity to gain mastery in the art of living as conscious, intentional beings.


  • Practical Mysticism – 10 weeks

This course is an exploration of mysticism, what it is and what it is not. It provides the framework for the student to live a more mystical life in present time. Each student sets a personal intention for his or her life. Emphasis is given to the practice of meditation and the practice of witnessing consciousness. This course is ideal for anyone seeking to deepen his or her own awareness of the Divine reality in daily living.


  • Metaphysical Bible (Science of Mind 211) – 8 weeks

Many students of New Thought are familiar with Rocco Errico and his translations of the Bible. This course looks at the metaphysical meanings of the parables and familiar stories you remember from childhood.


  • Ignite Your Life with Bible Wisdom – 10 weeks

Jesus used short stories called parables to convey profound spiritual truths. The parables charge our spiritual journey with energy and our soul with light. During this course, students are introduced to ways to interpret stories from the Hebrew Bible, as a foundation for understanding the teachings of Jesus. Students become familiar with the power of the parable stories as inspiration for transforming the soul. Students bring the ancient parables to life, and relate them to the challenges of today’s world as they engage in discussions, role-playing, and problem-solving exercises, as well as creative arts expressions. Students may be beginners in exploring the arts as tools for contemplation and meditation.


  • Emerson’s Essays (Science of Mind 208) – 8 weeks

Ralph Waldo Emerson has been the most quoted, most inspirational writer in America for over a hundred years. The American voice in Self-Reliance and The Oversoul has influenced the New Thought movement profoundly. Emerson is quoted by all the great metaphysical writers, and he was the first to break through traditional Christianity in such a way as to inspire multitudes to higher thought. Background information on Emerson’s times and his fellow members of the Transcendentalist circle is covered. They include Bronson Alcott, Margaret Fuller, Henry David Thoreau, and Walt Whitman.


  • Essential Emma Curtis Hopkins (Science of Mind 213) -8 weeks

Emma Curtis Hopkins’ course is designed to move the committed student from “zero to healer” in twelve lessons. Unveiling Your Hidden Power: THE WORKBOOK and THE TEXT include a “translated” text of her 12 lessons into modern language, along with daily practices. Unveiling Your Hidden Power: TEACHERS MANUAL also includes guidelines for setting up and facilitating a series of classes.


  • Financial Freedom – 8 weeks

The Principles of Financial Freedom is a recently updated course of metaphysical instruction that utilizes money as a tool for engaging in a program of deep inner healing. It incorporates leading edge technologies in ‘whole brain’ and ‘whole body’ learning that make these highly effective materials very user friendly. The course specifically teaches students to duplicate the nature of Spirit in their ‘financial affairs’ by developing new attitudes and beliefs about money that are in alignment with Principles of Spiritual Truth. At the same time, weekly healing segments assist the students in developing the awareness necessary to release self-defeating patterns of behavior based on old ‘error beliefs’ about their money and their lives.


  • 5 Gifts for an Abundant Life – 8 weeks

This course is designed to empower the participants by teaching them how to BE a Consciousness of Wealth. This course is presented as an opening to a rich, rewarding transformative experience.


  • It’s All God (Science of Mind 218) – 8 weeks

In his book, It’s All God, Walter Starcke has managed to take one of metaphysics greatest truths and put it into a form and flow of words, which is easy to grasp. Starcke has done a masterful job of clarifying the necessity of finding a realistic balance between living in the Absolute and the Relative world: It’s not a matter of “one or the other”, but rather, discovering the key to doing both at the same time. His concept of the Double Thread is the key element.


  • Mind/Body Connection (Science of Mind 201) – 8 weeks

This course is designed to give the student a greater understanding of the mind/body connection, and the important role consciousness plays in the healing process. This course is a clear, step by step process that begins with Principle, deals with the emotional issues surrounding the body, gives emphasis to effective prayer, unlearning old concepts of duality and disease, and even addresses practical considerations of the student in locating health professionals who support his/her belief system. This course is ideal for the beginner or the advanced student who desires a deeper understanding of physical healing.


  • Power of Decision (Science of Mind 202) – 8 weeks

This class is designed to empower students to reach independent decisions, which enhance the quality of their lives. Based on the powerful metaphysical classic, this course is valuable for both the new and experienced student.


  • Principles of Successful Living (Science of Mind 104) – 8 weeks

This course is designed to give the student a greater understanding of his or her place in the Spiritual System, and the part that consciousness plays in demonstrating greater good. On a very practical basis, this course offers the opportunity to set an intention for concrete demonstration of good, and to study the tools for achieving this demonstration. Emphasis is given to use of the Law of Mental Equivalents, Spiritual Mind Treatment, and the qualities of living a spiritual life. Worksheets and a fun “Oneness Game” make the course interactive and personally relevant.


  • The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success (Science of Mind 215) – 8 weeks

This course is designed to present the key concepts of The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra, M.D. and to provide tools to assist in understanding our true nature in relationship to these laws. Each class in the course curriculum begins with viewing a section of The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success video showing Dr. Chopra presenting these laws to a live audience.


  • Spiritual Economics (Science of Mind 205) – 8 weeks

Focusing on prosperity issues, the student of this class will gain a greater understanding of the basic metaphysical principles, which govern our financial well being. Participants will learn how to use these principles effectively in everyday life. This is a sensible, solution-oriented class and is appropriate for the new or advanced student.


  • Spiritual Fitness (Science of Mind 217) – 8 weeks

Spiritual fitness is a lifestyle and an attitude that can help you rediscover the real meaning and sacredness of your life. Like physical fitness, it is not a one-time experience; it needs your ongoing commitment. To stay spiritually fit means living in truth and trust, i.e., being yourself at the deepest level in everything you do and bringing all of you to your life experiences. It also means trusting that there is a greater power constantly guiding you and inviting you, through your life experiences, to live more openly and lovingly. When we trust, we start to make our choices and decisions from a place of love and courage instead of from fear. This in turn gives us clarity and strength.


  • Spiritual Laws (Science of Mind 204) – 8 weeks

This is a practical class, which empowers the student to develop positive thinking skills. This classic text provides lucid explanations of exactly how spiritual laws operate in our lives. These laws are utterly reliable, and this class shows the student how to use this knowledge to benefit every area of living.


  • This Thing Called You (Science of Mind 203) – 8 weeks

This class was created to deepen the student’s understanding that he or she is an individualized expression of God. Topics of exploration include co-creation, the power of belief, your inner authority, and how to increase your faith. This is excellent for new students and as a refresher course for more experienced student.

About Practitioner Studies

If you feel a call to higher service, becoming a licensed Practitioner – a Religious Science certified Practitioner (RScP) – may well be your path! Practitioner studies are offered in two one-year-long courses, Practitioner I and Practitioner II.

To be eligible for Practitioner studies, you must complete at least six basic and advanced courses, as outlined below.

At the Center for Spiritual Living Capistrano Valley, many people take Science of Mind classes simply for their own personal development. For those students, the tuition for basic and advanced classes is a simple Love Offering donation. For students who will be entering Practitioner classes, tuition is the full price as set by the Centers for Spiritual Living, our parent organization. You will want to keep that in mind as you move through your “undergraduate” classes.

If you are thinking about becoming a licensed Practitioner, talk to Dr. Heather Clark, our Spiritual Leader.

Certificated course requirements for entry into Professional Practitioner Studies. There are six (6) courses required

I. FOUNDATIONAL LEVEL COURSEWORK  Choose 1 among the following 3 courses as the prerequisite for the subsequent courses:
  • New Foundations of the Science of Mind ·
  • Beyond Limits ·
  • The Spiritual Path/Spiritual Mind Treatment (SOM 101 and 102)
II. ERNEST HOLMES PHILOSOPHY Choose 1 of the following 2 courses:
  • The Essential Ernest Holmes
  • Building a Healing Consciousness/Principles of Successful Living (Science of Mind 103 and 104)
III. HISTORY/PHILOSOPHY COURSEWORK – Choose 1 of the following 2 courses:
  • Exploring Roots
  • From Whence We Came
IV. CONSCIOUSNESS – Choose 2 or 3 of the following courses:
  • The Edinburgh Lectures (Science of Mind 207)
  • Creative Process in the Individual (Science of Mind 213)
  • Treatment and Meditation: Spiritual Practices for Daily Living
  • Power of Your Word
  • Building a Healing Consciousness (Science of Mind 103)
  • Meditation is More Than You Think
  • Practical Mysticism
  • Self-Mastery: The Emergence of the True Self

If only 2 courses from the consciousness category are taken, can include 1 course from the vast selection of all other Certificated Courses. See Education Catalog for Elective Courses