What we Teach

Children As Spiritual Beings

In our center, children learn they are spiritual beings. They are one with God and each other. They have an intelligent creative power to use.

Youth church is more than just Sunday childcare during the adult service. It is more than the crafts or even the lesson, and it is all of these. It is the place our young people meet, connect and build friendships in our spiritual community. It is a place where growth occurs within everyone who participates and all are welcome.

In our classes, we use curriculum written by Centers for Spiritual Living Youth and Family Ministries as well as the collaboration of our volunteer team. Each class includes age appropriate prayer, silence, sharing, activity, craft and discussion. Movement, music, ritual and stories are consistently utilized by the teachers.

Sunday Programs

Who We Serve:

The Center for Spiritual Living Capistrano Valley youth team serves all youth – infants through the teenage years.

How We Serve:

Sunday morning at our center is designed for all ages. We welcome your children into the youth department as early as 10AM for supervised creative play. This allows a social connection time for the children while supporting parents participating in the pre-service meditation. *Teen morning meetings begin at 10 a.m. The primary and pre-teen classes begin promptly at 10:30 a.m.

Infants and Toddlers

All ages are welcome! Infants are lovingly cared for by one of our staff or can join their parent in the tranquility room located at the back of the sanctuary. Toddlers are invited to have fun in our playroom joining the class activities as much as they desire. In addition to our weekly volunteer team, our playroom is staffed by two loving individuals who care for our youngest attendees with kindness, wisdom and love. Safety and fun are our primary guidelines for this age group.

Preschool, Elementary and Pre-teen

These classes are designed to transition our youth through the various levels of participation and understanding using developmental and age appropriate activities while taking into consideration each child and his/her unique expression. We have specific breakout classes for primary age 4-3rd grade and our preteen class grades 4-7. It is more about the child joining the right class than being strict about age and grade determination.

Crafts are a fun part of our primary class.

Children in the Adult Service

We welcome all ages in our celebration service. Children are requested to be in attendance with an adult (i.e. parent, grandparent, guardian or youth teacher.) We offer our “Tranquility” room located at the back of the sanctuary for families whose needs are better served in a semi-private space.

Kids Day Out – On Hiatus

Before COVID, Kids Day Out has been a fun playgroup for kids and adults! Kids Day Out is a co-op playgroup designed for the child and parent. Tuesday 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. a socially interactive playtime encourages children ages two and older to reveal their unique personality, learn social skills and experience the joy of free play. Painting, stories, crafts and more are presented each week. For the parent it is a time to connect with their child and playmates in interactive play as well as the other parents in a network of parent-child support.

Kids Day Out Benefits

  • Facilitated by an experienced program director (more than ten years experience).
  • Free play for your child in a fun & safe environment.
  • Parents connect with each other.
  • Morning snack and light lunch provided.
  • Co op structure eases separation for the child and parent.
  • Introduces the child to other children and parents in a small group.
  • Free play allows children to develop imagination and physical, mental and emotional strength.
  • Free time for the parent allows time for self care, alone time, creative outlet, social activities or even grocery shopping on their own!
  • Reasonably priced as a gift to our community (scholarships available).

For more information please contact Pamela Rocke.

Parents love Kids Day Out!

We love Pattie and Kids Day Out! My kids benefitted so much from this program. It was the perfect pre-preschool. They learned to take turns, make friends, play nice, and have fun under the kind and loving support of the incredible “Ms. Pattie.” I met some awesome moms and formed lasting friendships, and I got a pretty good stretch of kid-free time once a week to run errands or relax, knowing that my kids were well taken care of. And then the date night! Bonus! Can’t say enough good things about the program. Thank you, Pattie. We love you!

Cecily Jones

“Kid’s Day Out” was the perfect loving environment for my little one’s first steps out into the big beautiful world. Pattie’s loving arms and nurturing presence made it so easy for both of us! 🙂 Thanks for all you did for her, preparing her for this (preschool) adventure.

Holly Henderson

The Kids Day Out program is just what we needed. It is a warm and caring place that really nurtures our boys. Ms Pattie is such an inspiration to me – she has such a wonderful spirit.

Debbie Foley

Teen Youth Group

Our teen youth group, aptly named In-Flight teens, meets at the center in a nonjudgmental atmosphere for connection, fun and self discovery through engaging workshops based on the Principles of the Science of Mind.

Our Intention: We declare our intention to make this a safe place where we may come together to experience and share — a supportive, respectful and loving atmosphere in which we learn and grow in the Principles of Science of Mind.

In Flight Teen Group meets every Sunday at 10 a.m. in the Multi Purpose Room for a workshop. On the 1st Sunday each month the group attends the Celebration Service.


Our schedule is subject to holidays and special events. Please contact one of the Advisors or Youth Director for any current notices.

Social Activities

In addition to youth group meetings, In-Flight teens get together for social activities such as beach BBQs, pool parties, holiday sleepovers and dances and also events with other local teen groups.

Teen Group Advisors: Kay Allen, Marlene Cuckler, Karyssa Allen

During the year, teens volunteer their time by doing clothing drives for church members, sponsoring All Church Talent Shows, seminars, and car washes. One annual fundraiser, is generously supported by our wonderful congregation and contributes the majority of the cost of sending our teens to camp.

Summer and Winter Camps

Most important to the teens are camps which occur two times during the year. The workshops and activities throughout the year prepare the teens with the camp consciousness to transform their lives.

Winter Camp, usually held over the long weekend in January, is a four day retreat where teens use Science of Mind teachings to explore and better understand their inner spirit while making friends with teens from Center for Spiritual Living centers in Southern California.

Summer Camp, held in July, brings the Center for Spiritual Living teens nationally and internationally together in Idyllwild California for a full week of bonding, friendship, love, and workshops.