Prayer Treatment for Love and Relationships

by Donna Wallace, RScP

I recognize the eternalness of only One Life, One Power, One Perfect Presence that creates Itself as everything in existence, known or unknown. The Limitless Potentiality of Life is the Thing Itself, Self-Contemplating and creating Its nature in unlimited ways of expression, always powered by the activity and the energy of Love. God elegantly animates and activates Itself manifesting the very essence of Its nature, that of all encompassing Love, and is always at Its core of Its manifestations. Through Its divine passion for Its Self Expression, Love perpetrates Itself in ever evolving form. The glory of Divine Spirit is the very essence of Being and is the embodiment of Beauty, Wisdom, Joy, Peace and always in harmony that rebounds upon Itself, revealing Its perfection, wholeness and completeness.

I am a perfect expression of the One; Love moves, breathes and has Its being as me. Wholeness flows through me as delight and joy. I am part of God and have all of Spirit’s perfection in me at my core. All of God’s Beauty and Love is within me, directing me, guiding me, as I am completely and inextricably immersed in this Holy One. All that God is, I am, so God’s wisdom and peace is availed to me, creating and moving in perfect harmony, fulfilling the purpose of Love’s calling; and as God continues to flow through and as me, I am It’s embodiment, being inspired and inspiring others, being Love and Loving others.

And as I am that which is One with God, I am free of any encumbering misconceptions, revealing only the goodness of Life. Realizing that I am integral within the Wholeness of Life, I accept and affirm that there is only Love in my Life, in my heart and Love expresses as me. Love is reflected back to me in all those I meet, in all that I do, resting in the knowing that my joy and well-being stems from deep within as that of Divine Presence expressing itself with the Lightness of Being. Love enfolds me; Life of God animates me, Mind of God inspires me, guiding my every thought and activity of my Life. As I accept and affirm that all there is, is the Presence of God, in and through me, my heart and mind opens, revealing and recognizing Love at the center of every person, of Life Itself, for there is only One Mind, One Heart, One Love. And all my relationships are soul connected within the One, each of them demonstrating the Truth and sacredness of each soul’s intention. The Perfect enfoldment of Love’s expression is manifested as me, and is the embodiment of Wholeness and absolute Perfection.

My heart is grateful and deeply thankful for these revealing truths, rejoicing that all is well and good and that Love abides in me and in all beings; knowing that this Truth is eternal, immutable and unfailing.

I joyfully release my word into the Law, knowing that even as I say this, it is done, and so It Is.

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Affirmations for Love and Relationships

My Divine relationship radiates joy into every area of my life. My partner and I support each other and ourselves in good balance.

I am surrounded with wonderful, loving friends. We enjoy each other’s company, support each other’s dreams, and are there for each other in sadness and celebration.

I am grateful for the presence of love in my life.

Prayer Treatment for Love and Relationships

by Raymond Charles Barker

The mood of the infinite mind is one of love. The action of intelligence takes place in loving ways. What God hath wrought has been by means of love. Knowing this, I realize that the love of God uses me as a center of its distribution. I let my mind be a center of God’s intelligence. I let my heart be a center of His love. Living the life of truth is a warm and joyous experience. I let God’s ideas rule my mind and I let God’s love act through my heart.

There is nothing within me to impede the love of the spirit. I now release all personal opinions about others. I let go of all hurts and prejudices. I let the full action of Divine love act through me and be the basis of all human relationships. I am unified with the good in every man, and all else becomes as nothing. I have no interest in other people’s faults. I keep my attention on the divine possibility within everyone I know. God’s love is at the center of all, and it forever moves in perfect action through all. I am blessed and prospered by divine love. It enriches my soul and it prospers my consciousness. It frees me from mistakes of human judgement, and makes me to know that I am one with all good.

With love in my heart, I forgive and forget all untruth. The true spiritual man is all that I know of each person with whom I live, work and play. All else is unimportant, for God’s love in me is interested only in the good, the true and the perfect. I think rightly, and I love greatly. This love flowing out from me is felt and recognized by others. In turn they love me and judge me according to God’s standards. I love to let love express through me.*

(*Originally reprinted from Richer Living by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker. Copyright 1953 by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker. er)