Receiving Inner Guidance

By Rev. Arpad Petrass

There is one life, one source and one infinite expression which I call God. This expression is the very Life Force that manifests and comes forth expressing itself as the individualized creations that I am. Spirit’s Divine thread of Oneness binds me together for all eternity. I am at peace knowing that I am cradled in the Divine Wisdom of God and I trust that sacred process.

I know how to listen to Spirit’s gentle messages of Love and Inner Guidance.

I choose to listen to my Inner Voice. I easily trust my intuition and my Inner Wisdom. I feel the gentle voice of God speaking to me, directing me and guiding me. These words only want what is best for me. They will never judge, doubt or harm me in any way. These words only speak of love, encouragement and support.

I now say, Thank you Dear Spirit, and release these works into the Universe knowing that they are done and complete as I speak my word.

And so it is.

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    Affirmations for Expanded Consciousness

    In the Presence of God is the substance of all possibilities. I open myself completely to the activity and beingness of the Presence.

    My spirit is open and receptive to the Divine Presence. This Presence draws me irresistibly deeper as It surrounds me and fills me.

    I am One with the Power and Presence of God.

    I live in God’s grace. What my heart tells me to do can be done.

    Prayer Treatment for Consciousness

    by Joel S. Goldsmith

    Omnipresence is the presence of all. Omnipresence is all-presence. Allness is where I am. Therefore, there is never a need to look out to a person, circumstance, or condition for anything necessary to my unfoldment. All that God is, I am. In this Presence, in the very presence of I Am, is the fulfillment of all that God is. God fulfills Itself in all Its fullness, in all Its entirety and Its completeness, as the very Presence that I am. In this awareness of Omnipresence, there is no need to fear either man or circumstance, since the full protection of the Father accompanies this Omnipresence. There is no need to seek outside for supply, because in this Omnipresence is the presence of all of God’s supply. This Omnipresence is the presence of all God’s children; and this assures me of companionship, association, or relationship, since Omnipresence is the fullness of the Godhead bodily.

    The above prayer is from “The Master Speaks,” by Joel S. Goldsmith, First Acropolis Books Edition 1999. (P184-185)