Prayer Treatment for Expanded Consciousness

By Donna Wallace, RScP

Knowing and recognizing the One Life, the One Power in this existence which is the very essence of Life and the activity of Creation. This One Intelligence, that One Mind is Infinite, Whole and Complete in Itself. It is First Cause, Involuting in Itself, creating through Its consciousness, the expression of Itself as all Good. It is the demonstration of Wholeness, Peace, and Harmony. It is everywhere and nowhere, energetically Being with no time and space as a barrier, yet is eternally in the present Now, in the midst of Itself. It is the ultimate wisdom, and through all creation, Its light radiates its consciousness as Harmony, Peace, and Beauty. It is the Thing Itself, encompassing all of creation.

As all things are created from this One, I am one with that which It is. I know and unify with this essence of Life, that perfect Love, for I am one with the Divine Presence, I am the individuated personification of the reality of the Whole. There is no separation from that which It is, and I accept the activity of Divine Wisdom, consciously creating who I am. Knowing that I am being manifested out of Its Love, out of Its own Beingness, hence, as God is Joy, I am Joy, as God is pure Consciousness, I am consciousness Itself. I am that drop of awareness from the ocean of All.

As the expression of Being, I open and expand my mind to that which is true, that the Singular Consciousness, ever expanding, ever evolving, is my nature, In my receptive state of awareness, I realize that Divine Love acts through me, as me, in me and is for me, always. I surrender any thoughts and beliefs of “otherness,” as there is only the One. And through this surrender I am comforted that God is always in me, in my thoughts, in my heart, in my soul. I am no longer seeking peace for I am that peace that is beyond understanding; my life flows harmoniously with Divine guidance and beauty surrounds me always. I am a demonstration of God in this world. Everything works in Harmony with the One, and is continuously manifested in my Life, as there is unlimited resources, as I accept that God’s Supply is my Supply. My Life embodies all the good that comes through me, to me and knowing that all is working for my highest Good; for there is only good and more good in the presence of Divine Consciousness.

Knowing the fullness of my place as the expression of the Divine Presence, I celebrate with pure joy, deep gratitude and thankfulness for this awareness of unity in Consciousness.

I release my word into the Law of Mind, knowing that truth has already been spoken and is so.

And so it is.

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Affirmations for Expanded Consciousness

In the Presence of God is the substance of all possibilities. I open myself completely to the activity and beingness of the Presence.

My spirit is open and receptive to the Divine Presence. This Presence draws me irresistibly deeper as It surrounds me and fills me.

I am One with the Power and Presence of God.

I live in God’s grace. What my heart tells me to do can be done.

Prayer Treatment for Consciousness

by Joel S. Goldsmith

Omnipresence is the presence of all. Omnipresence is all-presence. Allness is where I am. Therefore, there is never a need to look out to a person, circumstance, or condition for anything necessary to my unfoldment. All that God is, I am. In this Presence, in the very presence of I Am, is the fulfillment of all that God is. God fulfills Itself in all Its fullness, in all Its entirety and Its completeness, as the very Presence that I am. In this awareness of Omnipresence, there is no need to fear either man or circumstance, since the full protection of the Father accompanies this Omnipresence. There is no need to seek outside for supply, because in this Omnipresence is the presence of all of God’s supply. This Omnipresence is the presence of all God’s children; and this assures me of companionship, association, or relationship, since Omnipresence is the fullness of the Godhead bodily.

The above prayer is from “The Master Speaks,” by Joel S. Goldsmith, First Acropolis Books Edition 1999. (P184-185)