Prayer Treatment for Career and Creativity

By Pam Rocke, RScP

I simply remind myself of the Oneness of all things, and I am automatically immersed in the creative nature of Spirit. I know that It is eternal, powerful and always creating, experiencing existence as all things, and as me right now.

Spirit as me, is powerful and creative; I am powerful and creative.

I know and declare for myself as a powerful, creative being, that my talents, skills and gifts are always at work in the world, serving many who need and want what I have to give. I serve and receive as the embodiment of the Law of Circulation. I easily attract into my life employment, clients and opportunities for my gifts and talents, for the right and perfect pay, in the right and perfect way.

I am grateful for the abundance and opportunities flowing into my life right now.

I release my word into Creative Mind, knowing that, as always, it is already done. And so it is.

Affirmations for Success

I work in an atmosphere that nourishes me. My gifts are welcomed and appreciated.

My work matters and I feel fulfilled.

The creative expression of my heart now manifests for me in the form of right work.

The gifts I bring to my work are wanted and appreciated.

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Prayer Treatment for Success

by Dr. Ernest Holmes

As I desire to do only that which is good and constructive, life-giving and life-expressing, the divine abundance forever manifests in my endeavors. Therefore I know that I shall prosper in everything I do. I know that I exist in a limitless possibility and that the infinite good is right where I am and active in my experience.

I believe that everything for complete self-expression is now the law of my being. New thoughts, new ideas, new situations now unfold before me. There are new opportunities for achievement and abundant living. This I accept, and this I expect.

And So It Is.