Prayer Treatment for Career and Creativity

By Rick Dale, RScP

My heart is full, as I contemplate the Gift. The Giver is that Presence I know as God. Infinitely deep and expansive, with limitless wisdom and perfect love, that Power permeates existence, maintaining, sustaining and populating it with the beings that are Its perfect expression. God delights in the triumphs of each soul in this world, a world expressly and lovingly made for us.

God surrounds and imbues each of us with Its own capacity to know Truth and manifest the highest and best. We swim in the Deep, and It lives in all thinking beings who come to the realization of the connection that is unbreakable and irrefutable. The Power that is at our fingertips is also that which lives in the furthest reaches of the universe and beyond; It dwells within each of us as the deepest Self and awaits our word to set It in motion.

Today I use the Gif45th Anniversary 2013t. With clear mind and purposeful goodness I direct that Power by surrendering to It. The Ultimate Creator is That in which I place my own creative thought, knowing that it is clearly demonstrated as my own creativity and my own success. I am guided and inspired to give my own gifts unto the world and humankind, in myriad forms crafted by the Infinite. And God gives back to me in wondrous and glorious ways, both known and surpassing human knowledge. It is for me only to move and rest in patient expectancy, awaiting the dynamic and irresistible effect of my thought acting upon the malleable power of the Maker that knows no limits. I become the maker of my own life, a life of abundance in every good thing, and I take cheerful charge of it.

Gratitude is the icing on the cake, the catalyst that focuses and forms my belief into stupendous goodness. I pour out my thankfulness to the Power with all my heart, always remembering from whence my very life comes.

It is done, as it already has been in Mind,before my words have even escaped my lips. With humbleness, thankfulness and eager anticipation do I now release my thoughts and words into God’s hands, knowing that the seed grows into exalted magnificence, for me and for the world.

And so it is!

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Affirmations for Success

I work in an atmosphere that nourishes me. My gifts are welcomed and appreciated.

My work matters and I feel fulfilled.

The creative expression of my heart now manifests for me in the form of right work.

The gifts I bring to my work are wanted and appreciated.

Prayer Treatment for Success

by Dr. Ernest Holmes

Today I expect every good thing to come to me, for I know that Divine abundance is forever manifesting itself in my affairs.

I am keeping my whole mind and thought and expectation open to new experiences, to happier events, to a more complete self-expression.   

Everything that belongs to Spirit, I accept. Everything that partakes of the nature of Divine Reality, I claim as my own. I identify with success, and I prosper in everything I do.

As I give thanks for the good now flowing into my life, I gladly share that good with others. The more I give, the more I receive. I experience a deeper consciousness of peace and security, for I know that I am in the embrace of a warm, loving Presence forever seeking an outlet through me.

My cup runneth over! I exist in limitless possibility.

And So It Is.