Prayer Treatment for Health

By Kathy Storey, RScP

There is only One Source and Supply. This One is known by many names. It is Eternal Love, Creative Intelligence, Peace, Wholeness, Health, Energy, Vim, Vigor and Vitality. It is the thing in back of all eternity. It has always been and will always be.

I am made in Its image and out of Its likeness. God’s presence is in, through, around and as me. This Creative Intelligence made me out of Itself to express life. To be that Love, Peace, Wholeness and Vitality that It is. I am the infinite potential and possibilities of Spirit.

I remind myself that it is God who breathes my body. It is God who beats my heart. I am in partnership with God, with Love, with Life, with Truth and with Wholeness. Since I am one with the Creator, I am as the Creator – Whole Perfect and Complete. That Perfect Pattern of Wholeness flows through every cell of my joy body: rejuvenating, revitalizing, assimilating and eliminating anything unlike Itself. Spirit renews and restores my body teKathy Storeymple now. I know I am guided and directed by Spirit’s infinite Peace and Love. I frolic in the arms of the Universe knowing I am cared for and safe. I rest in perfect peace knowing I am always supported because God is with me and for me. There is no stress, no strain. I don’t force anything, I let Spirit within do the work. Any place in my life that doesn’t flow with ease and grace, I allow Spirit in to heal and to reveal the wholeness and natural right action that is my true nature.

Thank you God for my magnificent joy body that is healing as I speak these words. I am so grateful for that perfect peace that fills my mind and body. I am so blessed. I am so grateful.

I simply surrender these words, I let go and I let God. And so it is.

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Affirmations for Health and Well Being

My body glows with radiant energy and good health.

Every organ, action and function of my body is in perfect balance.

Life flows and sings throughout my body.

Prayer Treatment for Health

by Emma Curtis Hopkins

The Spirit knows nothing of imperfection. The Spirit shines through all of your being with its clear, holy light. You were not born of flesh, according to the law of the flesh, but by Spirit, according to the law of the Spirit. God is you Father and Mother. 

You have not inherited disease. God is your health. God is your strength. God is your substance. Your health is God in every part of your body. You are in harmony with your life in every way. You are now showing forth perfection through every manifestation of your being. You have heard the Truth of God. You express the truth of God.

I see through you, in you, and by you, perfect well-being. In the name of the Father/Mother Almighty, the Miracle-working Heir, and the Holy Breath of Spirit Present, I pronounce you healed and whole, manifesting perfect well-being in all aspects of your life, now and forever. Amen