Cheryl Lyman was born and raised a Baptist in Arizona. She was married in the Catholic church, as her husband was Catholic. While her husband owned and operated a restaurant, together raising their two young children, Cheryl began her career as a Mary Kay consultant. Cheryl quickly rose to Senior Sales Director. It was while at Mary Kay that Cheryl was introduced to the book. “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” by Dr. Joseph Murphy. She continued to read and study works by similar authors and thinkers long after leaving Mary Kay.

The family eventually moved to San Clemente, where they owned and operated a popular café. In 2015, Cheryl met a woman who was taking a class at the Center. Her new friend remarked that she was taking a class at the Center, quoting from a text book, “what you think about, you bring about”. Cheryl recognized this as one of Joseph Murphy’s most popular sayings, and the connection was made.

Cheryl says, “I fell in love with everything about this church, and couldn’t wait to become a Practitioner”. She has been a licensed Practitioner since mid-2019. Cheryl’s husband made his transition some years ago. Their adult children run the café, along with Cheryl’s help.

Cheryl chairs the Membership Committee at our Center