Prayer Treatment for Expanded Consciousness

By Rick Dale, RScP

In the beginning, there was God and nothing else. Then Infinite Consciousness moved deliberately and everything was created in its multitude of forms and expressions, including life itself. Thus has God manifested all that is, from Itself and by Itself.

The pinnacle of this wonderful pouring forth of the Almighty was and is the birth of the human being, made in God’s image and likeness. This is the birthright of every person; the gift of the body and mind of God Itself individualized, with the agency of free will to use these in complete freedom. I am united with Power, and speak surely with Its authority.

45th Anniversary 2013

My certainty is this: Since the Mind that is God has no limit, my own personal expression of this Consciousness must be forever expanding through this life and into the next. And if this is true for me, it must be true for every incarnation of Spirit that inhabits the human form and experience. We have been given life by the Creator for a reason, and to each must come the realization that growth is inexorable, because it is God; therefore, the spirituality of every thinking being must necessarily spiral ever upward and outward towards perfection, forever. It is happening to and through me and every person, right now and always.

My heart is filled with gratitude for this Truth, and I humbly accept the magnificent gift of God’s Life in me and in all people.

This word is placed with reverence into the keeping of the Most High, in Whom all forms are made, and its manifestation is assured by my release of it with childlike faith. It is done.

And so it is.

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Affirmations for Expanded Consciousness

In the Presence of God is the substance of all possibilities. I open myself completely to the activity and beingness of the Presence.

My spirit is open and receptive to the Divine Presence. This Presence draws me irresistibly deeper as It surrounds me and fills me.

I am One with the Power and Presence of God.

I live in God’s grace. What my heart tells me to do can be done.

Prayer Treatment for Consciousness

by Dr. Ernest Holmes

I know that I am one with God.
I know that God in me is perfect.
I know that my real nature is spiritual.
I know that I exist in a boundless good, in a heavenly state, and in perfect being.
I know that my mind is being acted upon by pure Spirit.
Divine Intelligence guides me into peace, happiness and success, into joy, love, and perfect life.