A Prayer for Prosperity

by Dave Friedman, RScP

I sit here peacefully in my knowing of one Energy, one Source, one great Love. I know that this single source of Life is full, complete, abundant, benevolent, supportive, expansive. As this Life is truly all there is, this life is my life now. All that the Universe is, I AM!

Everywhere I look, I see abundance. Everywhere I look I see prosperity. Everywhere I look I see expansion. And as I see without, I look within. And I know, that as one with the Universe, everything about me is prosperous, abundant, expansive.

I know the Universe is expanding. I know my awareness of my connection to the Universe is expanding. My vision of my life is expanding. I have plenty of financial resources. I am surrounded by health, wealth, good fortune, quality friends, satisfying work, and passion. I attract so much good that I share with other people, and those who are around me also experience expansive good in their lives. As above, so below, as with one, as with all.

It is with deep gratitude that I express heartfelt thanks to all that is, to all that I am, and for all that I experience. I give thanks that knowing what is true for me is true for everyone. This is a beautiful Truth of the Universe.

Knowing, expecting and accepting what I see, I accept this to be my experience now. I let this Truth be in the loving supportive hands and heart of the Universe. I allow the good, easily flowing into my life.

And So It Is!

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    Affirmations for Prosperity, Increase and Supply

    My income is constantly increasing.

    Today is a delightful day. Money comes to me in expected and unexpected ways.

    I prosper wherever I turn.

    Wherever it is that I work, I am deeply appreciated and well compensated.

    Priceless Prayer of Prosperity

    by Rev. Greta Sesheta

    Emma Curtis Hopkins, often called the “teacher of teachers” in the New Thought Ancient Wisdom tradition, said, “When we know God, we have touched the very substance which can inform us how to work every minute wisely, and be clothed and fed and housed and healed, without any (other) process, than simply knowing God.”

    I know God.
    I know God is all there is.
    One Power, One Presence, One ever-expanding, endlessly evolving, Principle of Life.
    God is everywhere expressing, revealing only Truth through the power of Love and Law.
    God is all powerful, all knowing, all loving, and omni-active, here, there, and everywhere. Because God is everywhere, I know, God must be here.
    Right here and right now, where, and as, I am.
    I am an individual, meaning undivided from the Whole.
    I am One with this awesome Power and Presence and cannot be separated, or cut off, from It. I am an instrument for Its Holy Word, Will and Way.
    And what is true for me is true for Each and Every One.
    Each One is made in the spiritual image and likeness and out of the very essence of God. Each One is a divine emanation of The Only Thing That Is.
    Every One is here fulfilling a divine and perfect purpose.
    Every One is the Beloved of God.
    Knowing this, I know that Each One is mightily blessed with all that could ever be needed, wanted, desired or required.
    Knowing this, I know that Every One is already in receipt of the Keys to the Kingdom that it is God’s good pleasure to continuously give.
    Knowing this, I am assured that All is well.
    In the midst of any appearance of lack, or illusion of limitation, I remember That I live, move, and have my being in God.
    God is abundance.
    As grains of sand on a beach, or leaves on a tree.
    As feathers on a bluebird, or hairs on a newborn’s head.
    God is opulence and plentitude.
    God is the limitless, infinite, immeasurable and perpetual Good I live, move and have my being in. I am created out of God.
    I am the essence of God made manifest.
    Knowing this, I open my heart to receive, accept, and give thanks for Divine Employment, Right Livelihood, Harmonizing Prosperity, Perfect Peace and the Abundance of every good and perfect thing in my life now.
    I receive, accept, and give thanks for the coin of the realm, the influx and the outgo,
    the giving and receiving of currency, supply and value. I am generous.
    I am grateful.
    I am in the flow of this abundant universe.
    I energetically step into the frequency of being, having, and knowing, that All is well.
    The power of this Word blesses and releases to the absolute nothingness any experience, situation, circumstance or habitual way of being that would temporarily distract me from my alignment with, and attunement to, Truth.
    God is my Shepherd.
    I have all I need.
    And plenty to share, spare and circulate.
    I rejoice in this.
    My faith makes me whole, and the Truth sets me free.
    It’s happening now.
    I whole-heartedly surrender myself into the Arms of Opulence and the Oracle of Abundance.
    All is well.
    This is what I know.
    I Know God.
    I give thanks. And I let it be.
    And so it is. Amen.