What is Affirmation and Treatment?

Often you hear me say that our Center is based on and teaches how to use  spiritual tools. Those tools help us to awaken to our spiritual magnificence and to stay awake. Those tools help us create a world that works for everyone. The first tool is Affirmation, although it is not the most powerful…

I Just Don’t Get Affirmations!

“I Just Don’t Get Affirmations!” I heard those words come out of my friend’s mouth and I shuddered. For years, affirmations have been a part of my daily life… …I probably use them hundreds of times a day. I believe in them so much that I even painted a “Today’s Affirmation” chalkboard wall in my…

Merry Christmas from Southern California

An 81 degree Christmas day affirmation.  Today I celebrate the Christ Consciousness of Christmas.The true Spirit of Christmas resides within my heart.I see the beauty of nature that is all around me.The warm sun radiates through my Body and Soul.I am grateful for the loving gifts of my family and friends.Collectively, the space of peace…

Learning to Trust Your Inner GPS

Within me is a presence that knows exactly where to go and how to get there. 
It calls to me as a whisper or a longing and it pulls me forward. 
I surrender, trust and follow it’s guidance, 
discovering my highest calling and greatest joy.

Learning to Trust Your Inner GPS
And So It Is! 

Affirmation: Gifts of Imperfection

Today, I declare great love for all that I am. 
Anything once seen as a flaw, I now view as Divine perfection uniquely expressing as me. 
I am a gift given to this world by the Great Creator,  
who makes no mistakes.
Affirmation: Gifts of Imperfection
And So It Is!