Often you hear me say that our Center is based on and teaches how to use  spiritual tools. Those tools help us to awaken to our spiritual magnificence and to stay awake. Those tools help us create a world that works for everyone.

The first tool is Affirmation, although it is not the most powerful tool. 

Affirmation helps us change our consciousness by reminding us of what we want to be. Affirmations are usually short and powerful. For instance, if I want to increase my generosity I might affirm: “God’s limitless resources are mine now to share and to enjoy. God loves a happy giver. Naturally, I am known for my generosity of Spirit.”

Think of your subconscious mind as a huge pail filled with some dirty water. The affirmations are a drop of clean water. As your continue to affirm these words, eventually, there will be more clean water than dirty water Because we will say those affirmations often, our conscious mind is focused on the good.

All affirmations are written and stated in the presence tense. You want to be a prosperous person now not in the future. They are written in the first person. They are written in language that is comfortable for you. It is an easy tool to learn and to use.

Spiritual Mind Treatment or affirmative prayer is a tool to change consciousness. Done correctly, from a consciousness of oneness, it is a powerful way to transform your life. It is best to learn to do treatment for yourself so that you can use it immediately  when you experience unhappiness, anxiety, or fear of any kind. The best place to learn how to do spiritual mind treatment is by taking an accredited class.

I will be teaching a beginning accredited class in September. It is a great class for beginners and is also great for any long-time students as a review. If you want to learn how to use these tools, enroll in class.