“I Just Don’t Get Affirmations!”

I heard those words come out of my friend’s mouth and I shuddered.

For years, affirmations have been a part of my daily life…

…I probably use them hundreds of times a day.

I believe in them so much that I even painted a “Today’s Affirmation” chalkboard wall in my house.

I post these daily affirmations on Instagram and Facebook as it is my hope that the day’s affirmation will serve someone else as it has me.

Affirmations are a powerful daily practice that are much more powerful than many think.

My friend went on to explain that she doesn’t get  affirmations because she can’t believe them enough to transform her thinking.

So, I explained that, even though affirmations may not be truly believeable at first, they are STILL more powerful than the limiting thought you are trying to change.

You see, our lives are based on energetic vibrations.

Although this may seem like a strange idea, you probably have noticed it through life experience.

For example, you walk into a room after a couple has been fighting and you “feel” the tension in the air…that’s a lower vibration of energy.

On the other hand, you walk into a room where people are celebrating and the energy feels electric…that’s higher vibrational energy.

Thoughts also carry a vibration.

When you have a thought that is on a lower vibration, being that you attract back to you the energy you put out, you will attract other lower vibrational experiences in your life.

So, it’s important to up level the energy of a lower vibrational thought immediately, by replacing it with a higher vibrational thought…like an affirmation!

Even if you don’t believe it, a higher vibration is much more powerful than a lower vibrational thought and it will help you attract a higher vibrational life experience. 

Also, every time you repeat a specific affirmation, you are also reprogramming your subconscious with a higher vibrational thought so it will become almost natural, over time, to believe your own affirmation.
The more you grow into your belief in an affirmation, the faster it manifests into your physical life, so don’t delay on getting started!
Reprogramming our thoughts take spiritual practice.  
It takes a daily commitment to yourself and to your life to reaffirm you highest and best good.  
If you want a place to start, start with this powerful affirmation:

Today, I attract my highest and best good!