My purpose in life is to reveal love in everything we do. I’m not talking
about unicorns and rainbows love, but the power of Love to always lead us to
the highest and the best expression of God that we can be.

Maybe you can relate to my experience; the moment I walked into a Center for
Spiritual Living I knew I was home. That first day back in September of
2001 when the world wasn’t making sense, in a Center like this one, I found
not only comfort and solace but a resonance to a way of life that felt both
mystical and practical.

Life can be a mixed bag with all the demands on our time and attention,
sometimes it can be challenging to remember who we truly are and why we’re
here. In spiritual community we support each other as we find our way and
reflect back to each other the things that are real and important that help
us stay in balance with our true nature. That, in my opinion, is what being
in community is all about.