Rick hails from the Boston area. He is a professional land surveyor licensed on both coasts and in Ohio, where he lived for 4 years before coming to California in 1991. The last 23 years of his career was with the California Department of Transportation. He splits his time between homes in Riverside and San Clemente. He has been married for 35 years to his lovely wife Maureen and has a daughter and grandson living in Orange County. And he has an awesome cat. The natural world is of very strong interest to him. He hikes, backpacks, kayaks, and bikes. He has traveled to many U.S. and world locations with Maureen. Sometimes the travel is through watching foreign films which he totally enjoys for the insight they provide into other cultures. Rick’s spiritual path is rather diverse starting with
Catholicism and winding its way through various practices and belief systems. The path eventually led to Science of Mind when he arrived at the CSLCV in late 2009. The message of “All is One” brought together, in his mind and soul, the essence of his previous experiences. Through SOM classwork and daily spiritual practice, Rick seeks to integrate the teachings into his life. His intention is to serve the CSLCV as a trustee with love, wisdom, courage, faith, confidence, acceptance, authority, and authenticity.