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self-esteem cycle
Self-Esteem Cycle

In our “Beyond Limits” class, we learned an interesting cycle to be aware of.

The cycle starts with our self-esteem.  Take an honest look at yours and continue on….

Your self-esteem determines your performance.  How you do one thing is how you do most things and that is determined by your own self-esteem.

Do you constantly sabotage yourself or do you give yourself the gift of inspired action?

Your answer will be a direct reflection of your personal self-esteem.

Your performance then leads to your self-talk.

Is it, “I’m an inspired person ready to live my greatest life?”

Or is it, “I’m so stupid.  I never finish anything I set out to do?”

Your answer will determine your self-esteem.

See the cycle?  

Awareness of your self-esteem cycle will allow you to DECIDE to change it if it needs to be revised.

Be aware of your self-esteem.  It will lead to inspired performance…or not…which will then lead to your self-talk.

A couple of weeks ago, I blogged on how to change your self-talk.  If it needs some work, start the affirmations I provided.

Your Self Worth Affirmed

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