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SUNDAYS: Meditation 10–10:15am (in-person only) • Gathering & Music 10:30am (in-person and virtual)

Forgiveness is a powerful tool for transformation. No Mud, No Lotus, a Journey into Forgiveness is a program that promises to guide its students through a loving, gentle, and compassionate process toward freedom.

The course is six weeks long and it incorporates more practices, prayer partnerships and now we dive deep into our cultural pain and story for the purpose of rising up out of it and in our family lineage of pain so that we, each of us, can become the change agents that we are ordained to be. It is powerful, deep, and very comprehensive.

One of the most direct ways to clear out those unconscious and unwanted influences is through the practice of forgiveness. Although I greatly admire the work of Colin Tipping and his work: In Radical Forgiveness, for me, one thing was always missing – PRAYER.

Prayer, Spiritual Mind Treatment used and applied in a very specific way offers the opportunity to clear out the effect of “old pain,” unconscious pain, in the most potent, comprehensive, and permanent way. We, those practicing the Science of Mind, have our hands on the best tool for transformation, but it must be applied with great precision.

Forgiveness is spiritual in nature, but it is also very logical. You will learn to look at all aspects of your being to bring about the freedom that comes with forgiveness.

Rev. Dr. Michelle Wadleigh is the founder and Spiritual Leader of Center for Spiritual Living North Jersey. Through Planned Happiness Institute, Dr. Michelle teaches, speaks, and leads workshops and retreats. CSL Capistrano Valley is sponsoring this class, which begins on July 20th. (Ask about the discounted price for CSL Capistrano Valley members.)

A class designed for advanced metaphysical students, therapists, chaplains and practitioners.

Instructor: Rev. Dr. Michelle Wadleigh
When: July 20, 27, August 3, 10, 17, 24 (six weeks)
Time: 6 – 8 p.m. PT
Cost: Contact for pricing
Registration: Contact for special registration link
CEUs: 12