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Affirmative prayer, also known as spiritual mind treatment, is the life blood of the Science of Mind philosophy.  It is the main spiritual tool that helps to change a condition in one’s life to the outcome they intend on creating.  An affirmative prayer acknowledges the spiritual truth and claims the good being requested, so that we demonstrate exactly what we want in life.

Affirmative prayer is different from traditional, religious prayer, in that the one treating affirms that the conditional change has already happened.  The prayer gives gratitude for the highest and best good already being so.

To greatly change one’s life, it is recommended to use affirmative prayer daily…multiple times a day.  Whenever you feel a time in your day when you want to change the circumstance, no matter how small it is, turn to affirmative prayer.

Today’s Spiritual Principle:  Affirmative Prayer


“A treatment is a spiritual entity in the mental world and is equipped with power and volition – as much power and volition as there is faith in it, given to it by the mind of the one using it, and, operating through the Law, it knows exactly how to work and what methods to use and just how to use them.” Ernest Holmes, Science of Mind Textbook


Today, I put  my trust into affirmative prayer.  I know that my recognition of oneness, my recognition of the outcome I desire, and my gratitude for it already being done is essential in living my perfect life.


Write out an affirmative prayer that declares the quality of God you would like to embrace, unifies you with God, states your desired result, gives thanks for it already being so, and releases your words to the action of Law.  Commit to reading and/or saying your prayer several times throughout the day.  Repeat the same prayer or create a new one everyday for one week and see what happens.

Meet practitioner, Kim Province

Meet practitioner, Kim Province

If you have a particular need in your life that you would like support on, our practitioners are trained in the art and science of affirmative prayer.

Together, your practitioner will counsel you down to the root cause of your circumstance so that your session will be more effective in changing the circumstance you would like changed.

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