In yesterday’s Joyous Living Journal we read: “The Journey to Cosmic Consciousness starts with an ability to see what is.Take a good long look at your life.Where are you taking the material world as Reality and finding yourself stuck with conditions you don’t like?  By first seeing what is, you can discover what you believe.”

I am much better now that I truly know that life is lived from the inside out. What I used to believe was that I was my body, my job, my roles. No matter how many roles you play — daughter, sister, friend, mother, minister, care-giver, worker — you are not your roles. Your life is not your bank balance or your travel plans. You are not your past. 

The symbol above shows the Creative Process. We have an idea, which we plant in subconscious medium and it becomes our experience. Since all forms are caused by an idea, then you see that we are all more than we can see.

When I was a younger woman, I was certain I would be happy if only my husband would be a certain way. If he would not drink too much, he would not embarrass me. If he would get a University education, I would be more comfortable when he was talking with my friends. If he would get a more prestigious job, I would have more of the money I made to spend on myself. All of these ideas are spiritually untrue. No one can make me happy but myself. It was my own insecurity that was raising its ugly head, it had nothing to do with him. 

The truth is I didn’t learn to accept responsibility for my life until much later. Now I know that no one can embarrass me but myself. And furthermore embarrassment is a belief that something is not as it should be. No one can make me happy except me. No one can increase my prosperity except myself.

Now  that I know the nature of life is to respond to my cherished beliefs, I have  a tool for spiritual living which can help me live more harmoniously. I can change my deeply held beliefs through affirmative prayer. In fact I use this tool constantly to expand my awareness of the limitless potential in which I live.

For anyone who may be clinging to blame of others or of circumstances, I offer this prayer. Read it daily with feeling and your life will change.

Deep in the Center of Life is First Cause, the Creative Process, the Presence of God. This One loves Its creation unreasonably, constantly, unconditionally. This one is everywhere present, all-knowing, all-powerful. 

Turning to It now, I speak my word for myself. I know that Divine Life flows through me now. I see with the perception of the Divine Mind. Everything is connected and everything is good. I know that my word is powerful because i am one with the all-powerful.

Here and now, I choose to accept greater joy in my life than ever before. I choose to expand my awareness of the Presence of God within me. I know that this Presence guides me to new, healthy-minded ideas about myself, others and life.The pure waters of Spirit wash clean my subjective mind of old, out-worn beliefs of insufficiency, lack, unhappiness or blame. No longer do I blame others or circumstances for my experiences. I know causation is invisible to the eye and felt with the heart. I love myself and honor myself by filling my awareness with the good that is at hand. My life is so good for i am the beloved of God.

I give great thanks for this awareness. I am grateful for the perfect Presence that always guides me and the perfect Law that fulfills my intentions.
With peace of mind, I release my word into the Law of Mind. It is complete. And so it is.