Breaking up is hard to do. Breaking up with your small self so your True Self can shine.

When we hear the phrase, “We need to talk.”  What is the first thought that comes into our mind?  Is it a thought of fear, anger, anxiety, or relief?  This is a phrase that is commonly said in a relationship, when one party in the relationship is ready to release the relationship.  Or, when a problem in a relationship arises, that hasn’t been addressed promptly, and has led to layers of resentment.  This post has nothing to do with ending a relationship with another person.  This post has everything to do with ending a relationship with self.

In Spiritual unfoldment an understanding of certain terms come into view. Defining self is how we are in the world in our “humanly” behaviors or ways of being.  Understanding Self (capital S) is to align completely with the
understanding of Spirit, Truth, and Universal Principles.  Each one of us are made up of the same Truth, we are connected in Spirit, this is Self.

With this understanding, there may come a time, along the Spiritual Awareness path, where your old self doesn’t recognize itSelf.  One starts to see things differently, hear things in a new way, and think in a more evolved manner,
all the while still connected to some of the habits and ways of being of the old self. This is the time to consider “breaking up” with one’s self.

To completely understand Self-Worth, one must understand that change is possible.  We hear the saying, “People don’t change.”  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  People can and do change, those who haven’t may not have
been shown the way, or have been told they are destined to this life of jailed behaviors. We hear, “I always do that. That’s just me.” The thought of “that’s the way it’s always been” may have us stuck in a behavior, keeping us from living our highest good.

Once recognition of an evolved being exists as one’s Self, change is inevitable, thinking differently results, leading to a new understanding of Mindfulness.  Speaking has a new responsibility in comments spoken; they may start
to become intentional.  Words have meaning and purpose, choosing them wisely becomes a new habit.  Actions start to become different, old behaviors may fall away, change happens.

Break up with your old self, you can still be friends. Your Self is worth it.