Abundance of Apricots

Directly in front of my kitchen window is an apricot tree reminding me of the Universal presence of Spirit’s abundance. She has so much fruit that she is constantly releasing fruit which by morning is covering my backyard. This bounty would feed a family of four all winter if one knew how to make preserves. I bring some of the fruit to my spiritual Center to share and there is still plenty to enjoy and to share. (One of my neighbors asked if she could have some, I joyfully agreed, but if she took any there was no appreciable  difference to the tree or the yard when I looked the next day.)

Of course that is nature’s way of replenishing itself. The seed in the middle of the fruit could produce another apricot tree until there was an orchard of apricot  trees. I see evidence that birds and other creatures are feeding on the fruit as well. And by that design the birds would take the seeds and drop them in soil or the mice would take their prizes and bury them in their nests.

To me this is the nature of life. The universe is abundant. We have access to infinite ideas which have infinite potential to bring good into our lives. Nature is bountiful and knows it. Nature gives generously confident that there is always more to give.

So I can actually use the prosperity of apricots to remind me of all my other blessings. I am going to consciously give thanks for the goodness in my life and celebrate it. Every time I pick up an apricot from the ground I am going to affirm that  I live in an abundant universe, and consciously give thanks for all the good I have already experienced. Then when I pick apricots to share and to enjoy I will affirm that “it is the Father’s good pleasure to give me the kingdom.” I am reminded that I cannot out give God. I will give with love because I do love to give.

Where do you see abundance today?