Experience Sacred Space at Wednesday Wisdom

It’s that time of pumpkin patches and corn field mazes, dark nights and candle light.

My first visit to the Center for Spiritual Living was to walk the labyrinth. It was this time of year. Dark at night. I drove out to San Juan Capistrano where the center was prior to relocating back to it’s current location in San Clemente.

Labyrinths have been used in multiple cultures, multiple religions across centuries, truly a “Tool for Transformation.” Used for meditation, relaxation, worship and pleasure. Scientists claim that labyrinths activate the right side of the brain. It’s fascinating stuff involving science, religion, art, sacred geometry and architecture.

I found a really interesting video which shared detailed information on how to walk a labrinth and a bit of history. It’s just enough to really wet your whistle for more.

See you Wednesday 7 pm.

“The affairs of the world will go on forever. 
 Do not delay the practice of meditation.”