Within each and every one of us dwells seeds of greatness. These seeds have been deposited in our spirits long before we made our entrance onto this earth. We’ve been placed in an environment with more support than we will ever need.
This includes the abundant sun that shines gracefully upon us, the powerful earth that spins beneath our feet, the oxygen that peacefully fills our lungs, our sacred hearts that beat, our incredible cells that divide with harmony, and the atoms that fill all things crackling with the Infinite energy that dwells within all things.
Being supported beyond measure and filled within the Divine Itself, it baffles my mind to think of the countless people who dismiss the seeds of greatness that rest within them.
This is apparent by asking the average person if they enjoy their job, asking people if they feel like they are living up to their potential, or if they feel like they are truly sharing their greatness with the world.
Unfortunately, over 2/3rd’s of Americans dislike their place of employment. The average debt per household in the States equals about $135k. With people reaching to the outside for fulfillment, acquiring more things in hopes to fill the inner void where their dreams are meant to blossom, the majority of people overlook their greatness and settle into lives of mediocrity.
I know from my personal experience of allowing someone’s opinions to outweigh my own, comparing myself to another person and following an average path for my early adult life, that suppressing our greatness soon pushes negative emotions of anger, stress, and unworthiness to blossom in our inner garden.
While the past is the past and what we’ve done cannot be reversed, we have an opportunity in this moment of now to honor the seeds of greatness that lie dormant within our spirits. In fact, there is no better time than now to share the uniqueness of who you are and use your light in a positive and empowering way.
As we recognize and honor the seeds of greatness within, we then can move into the dark realms of the world and be a light of peace. We can use our infinite energy and finite time in a way that can not only make our lives more enjoyable and fulfilled but can add to the overall well-being of the planet and our fellow brothers and sisters we share this experience with.
Looking back at history it is apparent that all the people we look up to, whether it be a spiritual person, a leader of peace, or a person who helped the less fortunate, they used their time and energy to unlock their seeds of greatness and shared this greatness with the world.
Being that these seeds are already within us, all we must do is step forth and be the person who we know we are here to be, the Light of the World.

Unlocking Your Greatness

It is nearly impossible to unlock your greatness if you don’t believe you have greatness within you. Life is a mirror that reflects back at you what you are thinking into it. Therefore, if you allow false ideas, negative thoughts and unworthiness to fill your inner temple, you will construct barriers and walls of limitation that lock your greatness in place.
As you open your consciousness and center your heart on the truth of who you are, a child of the Infinite, you begin to honor the uniqueness of you. Further understanding that there have been innumerable events that have aligned with precision and order to allow your life to be.
Standing upon this foundation of truth and giving yourself permission to be the person you believe you are here to be, you start to see what is possible for your life. Honoring your time and directing your energy in a way that aligns with your unbound potential you transform your very existence.
This is not done by a snap of a finger or some magic formula, it is done moment-by-moment, day by day, thought by thought.
As you cultivate your gifts and share your light, you not only assist in recreating your experience, but you impact the world at large.

How To Unlock Your Greatness and Share It

You can unlock your greatness with ease and grace, peace and joy, powerfully and peacefully. Over the past 2 years, I have been using a guide map uncovered through deep study, mentors, and universal truths. This guide map has opened the door to allowing me to speak at over 70 different places in the past year. This includes giving a TED talk, empowering students and speaking at spiritual communities across the nation.
This guide map opened the doorway to be featured on Rev. Michael Beckwith’s radio show and be called one of the emerging spiritual leaders of our world.
I have shared this guide map with hundreds of people and watched as individuals have given themselves permission to unlock their gifts and step forth into their greatness.
This guide map I am speaking of is a workshop entitled, Unlock Your Greatness. I am grateful to share this workshop on August 14 at the Center for Spiritual Living Capistrano Valley after service.

You’re Invited To The Unlock Your Greatness Workshop

If you’d like to make the last 5 months of 2016 the best they can be and know there are specific gifts you’d like to share with the world, you are invited to attend.
If you catch yourself looking out into the world at the chaos that swirls across the planet and are called to be a light of peace, you are invited to attend this workshop.
The truth is that it is you and me who have been appointed at this time to step forth and be the light. Your life is valuable, your gifts essential and your energy can transform the seeming darkness into an endless array of light.
Join me on Sunday, August 14, as we collectively bring our minds, hearts, and spirits together to be the change we wish to see.
Be great.
Peace. Happiness. Compassion. Respect.
Jeffon Seely
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For more information about his upcoming workshop click: Unlock Your Greatness