Rampart! Rampart! Someone’s gotten into my subconscious and I can’t get them out!

“You are going to end up being a garbage man!” my father yelled at the top of his voice. “Now sit down and focus! You won’t get into college if you can’t do the math. You will never be able to do what you want!

He started again, “Imagine you have a pie and you take one slice out …”

Math homework for my brother was a nightmare. It probably didn’t have to be that way but that is the way it was.

He’s been a garbage man now for about 25 years.

And there is nothing wrong with that. But it’s not his dream and it never was.

He probably doesn’t remember that moment at the dining room table, but I do. I remember watching and wishing I could save him from the humiliation and even felt ashamed that math came easily for me.

He wanted to be outdoors. He loved hunting and fishing and the show Emergency. Do you remember that show? Well he LOVED it. He watched every episode.

It was such a calling for him that he later took EMT classes, trained as an underwater scuba rescue person and now volunteers at the local fire department. He has saved numerous lives. He dives under the frozen ice into freezing cold water to save people. He has two awesome sons, one a fireman and another studying to be a doctor.

That’s what I see. But it’s not what he sees.

So when Rev. Bruce gave us a little preview his workshop coming up on Saturday August 24 I couldn’t help but think of my brother and that moment at the dining room table.

What are the unconscious limiting beliefs that you have about yourself? 

What are the limitations that you have bought into? You may not even remember the moment but we all have them. Sometimes they come from something we have observed. Sometimes they come from the poorly chosen words of a frustrated parent. Sometimes they come from our own negative self talk repeated through the years.

But the point that Rev. Bruce made is that this limiting beliefs must be erradicated if we are going to live truly inspired, authentic lives. No Law of Attraction stuff is going to work if we are harboring these untruths in the deep recesses of our mind.

Here is a clip from Sunday’s service of Rev. Bruce talking about these “unconscious beliefs.”

Join us on Saturday August 24 for the workshop with Rev. Bruce Fredenburg one of the lessons will be how to find and irradicate these unconscious beliefs one and for all!

And if you sign up before August 7th you will receive the additional bonus of some one-on-one follow up time with Rev. Bruce Fredenburg, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, to help put these principles into practice.