A shameless plug? Maybe.
A prime example of what forgiveness can do?

Sometimes the thought of forgiving someone who hurt you may make you want to throw up.

Why should I forgive him/her?  She hurt/wronged/betrayed/scarred me for life!  I will NEVER forgive, you might think.

For the month of October, Dr. Heather is leading a workshop-based Sunday service called the Commitment Experiment.

Each week, we explore principles that are catalysts to a Divinely-inspired, abundant life.

This past week we focused on forgiveness.

I was taken back to a time in my  life, only 5 short years ago, when I was faced with a devastating betrayal.

It hurt like nothing I had ever felt before.

The image was seared into my mind.  I thought I’d never get rid of it.

Only days later, I was almost watching myself, as if I was an observer, as I was Divinely Guided to see my part in that devastating moment in my life.

As the days, weeks and months went on, I worked to heal myself.

What I realize I was doing was, instead of healing, I was going through the phases of forgiveness.

Only last year, was I so comfortable with that experience in my life, that I decided to write a book about it.

This post isn’t about promoting my book, but it’s about the transformational catalyst that ONE, devastating night was, and how I didn’t think I’d survive it with my family in tact.

Five years, almost exactly, after this event, I look back on that time as a pivotal shift in my life….for the better!

The process of forgiveness brought me closer to God.  

I was not in a consciousness to heal myself, or even forgive.
No one could have taught me the right way to forgive or to heal…
…except the one Infinite Intelligence that KNEW how to teach forgiveness and healing from within.
What I have come to realize is that no book, no person, or no workshop can teach forgiveness. 
It must come from within and it is guided by a Love that loves like no other.
When we co-create forgiveness with God, we co-create a different path for our lives, we become healers, and we become more evolved than we were prior to the event.
Holding a grudge for all this time would only hurt me.
It would hurt me emotionally, which would lead to energy being “clogged” up in my Chakra energy centers, which would eventually lead to physical pain of some kind.
I had a choice to cling to the hurt and betrayal, or to forgive with Spirit’s help.
I chose the later and I will say,
…Forgiveness put me on my life path, it allowed me to reinvent my life altogether, it allowed me to let go of a past that no longer exists and create a whole new present moment.

What can forgiving lead you to?
The possibilities are endless. 
What if you simply let all the anger, hurt, resentment, etc. go.
How different would your life be?  How would it feel?
You can do it.  You have the choice.
Forgive? Or hold a grudge?
The saying, “Be the better person,” to me, comes from the ego.
Don’t be a better person to feel better than the person, institution, or organization who wronged you, be the better person by choosing to forgive and truly becoming a better person.
Learn more transformational principles by joining us this Sunday for the third installment of the Commitment Experiment.