Expect to Be In the Flow of Life

I think many people live in awe of the intuitive experience. I do. When it happens it’s an amazing sensation and brings joy, wonder and excitement to life. “You don’t still believe in coincidence?” my husband will tease.

Speaking with friends this weekend we were talking about how the same spiritual messages will repeatedly show up in various services and celebrations of all different faiths and persuasions. The message in my Saturday night prayer group is often repeated on Sunday at the Center for Spiritual Living and at times I will also see the very same message coming from other faiths as I peruse Twitter and Facebook on Sunday afternoon. It does fill me with awe.

“It means you’re in the flow,” my friend with strong Taoist tendencies shared. “Don’t be in awe, be in expectation.”

You see I thought being in awe was a show of recognition and gratitude but maybe I need to reframe this. Maybe, just maybe, I should adjust that awe to a grateful expectation of knowing. Relax into it like a river and know that this is how it should be. Recognize the unfolding and expect the flow.

The 3 R’s Applied to Intuition
When you’re in the flow, you’re in the flow and later that evening someone shared a new set of the 3 R’s. Not reading, wRiting and aRithmetic but recognize, respect and responsibility.

As we recognize we respect, and as we respect 
we become responsible. 

This morning I was thinking about how we can apply the three R’s to the gift of intuition.

We recognize that we are part of Spirit and that it’s natural to be in the flow. We recognize the words, symbols and signs that come to us in our life as we mindfully go about our day.

When our intuition speaks to us we respect it. We recognize it as a gift of Spirit and we come to another level of knowing that everything is Sacred.

We take responsibility. When intuition comes to us we take action. Spirit wants to be expressed through us and it’s up to us to let that expression take place.

“Learn to hear and trust your intuition–it’s an amazing way to listen to what Spirit is trying to be–as you.” ~ The Joyous Living Journal