Over the years I have noticed something strange about myself. i was always a very sensitive child…at three years old sobbed about Bambi’s mother being shot when the story was being read to my older sister. I still make certain I have lots of tissues in my purse when I go to the movies no matter whether going to an animated feature or a love story. I can easily put myself in the characters place and feel their heartbreak or despair. 

However, in my own life letting myself feel and express sadness is almost impossible now. I don’t know when it started but I do not like it. I don’t want to feel cold-hearted or unresponsive.

I feel like there is a iceberg around my heart. I want to cry, but I can’t. It feels fake, forced and inauthentic. What has happened to me?

Maybe the events of life have hardened my heart, or maybe they have desensitized me to the facts.

I wonder if other metaphysicians feel the same way.

My twenty-plus year friendship with Dr. Jane Claypool is a heart-wrenching example. I benefitted so much from my years of friendship with Jane.We laughed together often. We prayed together often. I wonder if we cried together. Right now I do not know.

Please stand with me for an open heart, unprotected and ready to give and receive love. In the 198o’s a group of Canadian singers recorded the song “Tears are Not Enough.” They may not be enough but they are a start.