Swing Time Cabaret Brings Sweet Memories

Tonight our Center’s Choir is presenting their annual choir show, Swing Time Cabaret.

I watched the dress rehearsal last night and it is a great show! I realized that with the exception of a Spanish song, I knew the lyrics to all the songs. Some have been great favorites. The choir planned to surprise me with one some, “Tumbling Tumbleweeds” made famous by the Sons of the Pioneers. The reason I like the song so much is because of the beauty of the three-part harmony!

When I was a kid, there were always sing-alongs, whether travelling by car or around a campfire or a piano. My dad had a good tenor voice and loved to sing. My mom had a strong alto voice.Many of my cousins and sisters and brothers are quite talented too. When we were young adults and were getting married, at family gatherings, after the dance there would be a lot of singing. That is really when my passion for the tumbleweeds began. My cousin’s husband, and her two brothers sang beautifully together. They almost always would say yes to my request. Please note we would have been singing some standards but mostly current rock and roll music. Although my prairie roots led me to have direct knowledge of tumbleweeds (they are very prickly), country music wasn’t a favorite. I was very fond of my cousins and saw them a few times a year. After university, we saw each other less often, usually at a family gathering — weddings and funerals. One of the trio of singers is a man named after my Grandfather, Herman, but was only ever called Buddy. Later as an older teen it shifted to Bud.

The entire show is fantastic, everyone needs a lot of love for the countless hours they put into learning their music and choreography. Still the highlight of the show for me was a soul-filled song, sung by Diane King Vann, called “My Buddy.” Immediately my cousin’s face was before me. We haven’t connected in person for much too long. The music made me realize how much I missed seeing him.

Isn’t it interesting how music can evoke something deep within us? Sometimes it evokes a memory of the first time you heard it; at others the song itself seems to describe a person or a feeling within you. I believe it is one way the Universal Presence makes Itself known to us. When our hearts open by whatever means, it is Spirit within us, opening to a greater idea of life and ourselves.

Tickets will be available at the door.