Paralympians during a medal ceremony

The Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics have come to a close. It was an exciting 2 weeks to witness the greatness of Olympians all racing for the gold medal. On March 7th, the second round of Olympians will take the stage to perform feats of accomplishments, that may have many of us question our own inabilities to change a circumstance.

Being an Olympian takes a certain mindset that has a description of dedication, determination, and drive.  As a Paralympian all those factors are also included in their description, however, there is sometimes another factor included, not having all the physical capabilities in one human body. What is most admirable about these athletes is that without those capabilities they still manage to create an atmosphere which shows the amazing resiliency of humanity.

While these athletes are out in the winter elements, representing their countries, one can not help but reflect on their own lives. These men and women Olympians are an inspiration. Whenever we are caught up in a circumstance that we feel not able to physically withstand, it is up to us to muster the strength within, using these athletes as our example. Humanity is to evolve. It is our birthright to exist in this life, to create something meaningful for us, and to share the beauty of who we are with the world. This world is our stage, and we are here to have the best performance of our lives.