See What Is In San Clemente
VR Green Farms PhotoWalk

Today our Joyous Living Journal reminds us to “See What Is” I love that especially after the great photowalk we had last Saturday.  It was originally scheduled for the prior weekend, but after the heavy rains on Friday, and the forecast for even more on Saturday, We saw what was coming and put it off for seven days. And are we were lucky we did.  When we got to VR Green Farms, located just up the hill and right out in front of the Center For Spiritual Living Capistrano Valley, we were greeted with temps in the mid 70’s, and the greenness that only follows a rainy day here in Southern California. Our featured photographer was our very own Ella McClure, who may be short on stature but is tall on spirit and has a good eye for capturing what is.

Click Here to pick thru everyone’s shots from the day and thumb up your favorites.

PhotoWalking, A Great Way To See & Share What Is.
Hope to see you at the next one!