One of our members, Kimberly Wooldridge, recently performed in a delightful play, Man From Earth. It was about man who had lived and adapted to all the changes on earth since the stone age approximately 14,000 years. The audience hears his story through conversation at a farewell party for him put on by his colleagues who were shocked that he would just walk away from the security of a tenured position..

Lights similar to my light show

On my path, I have stepped away from security a few times — and it has always ended well. The first time I did so, I had been teaching at W.P. Wagner Secondary School for three years. I had 11 years of continuous service in that school system but I knew I wanted to study to become a minister of the Science of Mind. The ministerial course was being taught in Calgary, a city 180 miles away. Class was on a school night. For that class I joined the high school students racing out of the parking lot to get on the highway immediately. I got to the ministerial classroom with no more than 20 minutes to spare. We were dismissed from class at 10 PM and I got straight into my car for the long drive home. I was filled with visions of my future, excited beyond words. I asked God for a sign if I was on the right path. (I knew that there would be very little sleep that given my excitement and the time it would be when I crawled into bed, and the alarm that would ring at 5:30 so I could get back to school by 7:45 AM.) I was given a light show. There were northern lights from the outskirts of Calgary to the outskirts of Edmonton. Those dancing lights told me I was moving in the right direction.And I had been thrilled to hear that we would not be meeting again as a ministerial class until the autumn.

Later that same spring, I knew I needed to leave Edmonton and move to Calgary. I would have to give up tenure to do so. When I first traveled to Calgary to interview for a position, I was told that there were one thousand applications for English teachers and there were no jobs at all! I was disappointed but not dissuaded. I felt, deep in my heart, that the move was necessary and would be supported. The interviewer said that the only shortage of teachers was in special education. Something told me I could  do that. I applied and got an immediate interview.  Now here is my demonstration for keeping the faith, moving through the negativity and seeing my vision: within three weeks I had gone from being one of a thousand applicants with no jobs, to having a choice of three different positions! 

I knew I was on the right path for me. Still my friends and colleagues attempted to dissuade me from severing all ties with the school system.

When one has confidence in life, one can step away the forms of security that the world promises. There is a greater security.

The real security comes from knowing and remembering who you are.