The most famous pronouncement of “Practically Perfect in every Way,” come from the classic musical Mary Poppins. 

As you might remember, Mary poppins, a Nanny of extraordinary abilities applies for and receives the job of Nanny for the Banls’ children.
This is the advertisement to which she responded:

Mary Poppins meets the children and below you will see what she said about measuring up.

It is a charming movie.  And spiritually we can learn a great deal from Mary Poppins.

She had a positive attitude! She was cheerful, confident, pretty and had a great knack of entertaining children. No matter what was going on, she knew there was a positive solution.

What would happen if we thought of ourselves as practically perfect in every way? Not our future selves, but rather the ones we are right now! We could think of ourselves as having some practical magic! When we understand that our deeply held beliefs become our experience, we are realize that we are practically magicians, consciously creating the lives that we do want.

Of course, the Creative Spirit left us alone to discover for ourselves our innate perfection. Having discovered it, we are also free to use it intelligently or to use that mighty moving Power in unintelligent ways. Today choose good thoughts to be passionate about. Start proving that you know the secret and practice the magic.