In our Foundations class last night, we studied the power of affirmations. We use affirmations to change our consciousness for a particular experience or effect. Affirmations are reminders of the Truth within us.

Guidelines to help write powerful affirmations:

  • Keep them in the present tense; e.g. “Right now I know I am tuned in to the highest frequency. Not I will be tuned in or I have been tuned in but in the present moment.
  • Use powerful, positive, evocative language; e.g. “I am a highly effective artist, painting pictures of Truth at all times.” 
  • Use positive, affirmative language. Avoid saying what you do not want. Say what you do intend. Let’s say you have had difficulty completing tasks on time. Maybe you have even called yourself a procrastinator. It doesn’t do much good to say , “I am NOT a procrastinator.” Not, “I am not a procrastinator,” The Universe does not hear the negation. It would be better to say, “I complete all tasks in a timely manner.”
  • Use the first person. These affirmations are for you so use the powerful, “I AM in them.”
  • Keep your affirmations short and snappy so they are easy to remember.

How to Use Affirmations:

Repetition is the key to power for affirmations. Think about something that you would like to experience in your life but currently are not experiencing. Maybe you would like more ease with money, maybe you woud like a better relationship with your spouse, maybe you would like to be healthier or happier. Write at least ten affirmations, first in the first person (I am) then write it in the second person (You are) Lastly in the third person (She is.) Choose the one affirmation that speaks to you the loudest. Write it twenty times. Say it one hundred times twice a day. In your journal, write it several more times a day. Write it where you can see it often: as your screen saver, on your dashboard, your mirror, coffee pot, etc. Record it with passion and listen to several times a day.  Remind yourself of this idea. Let it become your identity.

When you follow these guidelines, you are planting seeds of a new idea which must take root in Subconscious Mind and produce a corresponding result. 

Most of my adult life, I have been a very poor gardener but I decided to change my mind about that. I purchased a paper white bulb at the Holiday Boutique. It grew tall and produced lots of blossoms. We all can do the same thing by using the spiritual tool of affirmations.

I am a great gardener!