Music is the quickest way to the heart, they say, and I believe it. Anthems, like Pharrell Williams’ Happy, take over the collective consciousness because they remind us what’s right and true in this life and just make us feel good.

This weekend one of New Thoughts’ anthem singer/songwriters comes to the Center to open our hearts and minds with music and a message of finding true purpose.

Yes, the one and only Rev. Michael Gott, Unity’s musical minister, will grace our stage for his final Southern California appearance for 2014. We are so blessed to have him! And YOU don’t want to miss him!

On Sunday, he will offer the morning message and then lead a workshop from 1 to 4 p.m. titled “Living on Purpose.”

From Rev. Michael:

Each of us comes fully equipped with a unique set of gifts, talents, desires and interests. How do we connect who we ARE with what we DO in the world? This workshop offers specific tools to put you in touch with your inner widsom and your own divine spark that will lead you to a new understanding of Jesus’ statement ~ “Don’t you know? You are the light of the world.”

The workshop features tools for manifesting dreams into lived experiences; dynamic and inspiring music; and the opportunity to ask questions that will activate your personal vision.

Dr. Heather first heard Rev. Michael at Asilimar many years ago and has been asking him to visit our Center since then. Because Rev. Michael is the music director for his home church, Unity Houston, his travel schedule is carefully chosen each year. This is OUR weekend! Woohoo!

Join us on Sunday and open your heart through the ideas and music of Rev. Michael Gott!!

Here is his anthem Amazing Things. I dare you to not sing along…lol!