You know that old saying, “It takes a village to raise a child”? I think that’s true. And, also, I think it takes a village to support the parents.

One of my best sources of parenting inspiration and guidance is the Parent Forum and Rev. Pattie Mercado. She is my North Star when it comes to parenting insight. Here are some words of wisdom that I hold close to my heart as I walk along my parenting journey.

“Our children are our best mirrors to what’s going on within us. 
Because really, everything is an inside job.” ~ Rev. Pattie Mercado.

Did you know that?? We are so connected to our children that they act as perfect mirrors of our internal beliefs and thinking. Instead of trying to change them, it’s a good idea to look within first and ask:

Why does this behavior bother me?
What do I believe about how my child is acting?
What is my work to do?

With this internal inquiry, we reveal a lot about our internal thought process and through recognition we have the opportunity to change our perspective. Now, that’s not to say that we completely ignore our child’s behavior. After all, it’s our job as parents to act as tour guide in this world, pointing out potential dangers and local customs. But…

“Every experience is an opportunity to know myself better.” ~ Rev. Pattie Mercado

Yes, it’s true. Every experience we encounter as parents offers us (not our kids, not our spouse, not our neighbor or best friend) the opportunity to uncover our own beliefs, likes, dislikes, preferences and perspectives. And by knowing myself better, I get the opportunity to say, “Yes, this is true of me” or “No, this is something I want to change.” Because, above all….

“I matter. You matter. Every choice you make matters.” ~ Rev. Pattie Mercado

Yep! I matter. It matters how I parent my children. It matters how I choose to spend my money. It matters what I think. I know…sometimes it feels like you are just one little person in a whole sea of people, thoughts, Facebook posts. And you think…I think…my voice doesn’t really matter. But, it does! It matters a lot! We are here on purpose. Our children chose us for a reason. Just remember…

“You are the perfect parent for your child.” ~ Rev. Pattie Mercado

And it’s true. You are. I am. Even in a sea of parenting advice and judgments, I know my child best and I can trust my intuition to make the best choice for my family. Yes, even when I feel like I made a mistake or I don’t really know what the heck I’m doing, I am still the best parent for my child. The bond of mother (or father) and child is sacred.

So this Mother’s Day, take a moment to let all these gems of wisdom sink in. Know you are right where you are supposed to be in this life, regardless of how it looks in the moment. And, if you want to receive more of Rev. Pattie’s amazing and honoring conscious parenting wisdom, join us for the Parent Forum, Wednesday, June 11, from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Lunch and child care is provided. Click HERE for more information.

Happy Mother’s Day Friends!!