I LOVE this picture! It shows Krishna, Buddha, Mohammed, Jesus and Moses holding hands. They have hearts in their hands! 

The title of the picture is “Let’s Peace the World Together.”  Some of the golden threads of truth that run through all religions is Love and Peace. What a great time of year to remember to love our neighbor!

There are fundamentalists in every religion who say that their way is the only way! I cannot imagine the Buddha saying that if you were did not practice his way, you would be damned. In fact, I cannot imagine any one of them telling their followers to kill in the name of religion. Yet over the centuries, there have been many wars fought over religion.

I think it is time to stop. 

I can’t change anyone else but I can change myself. I open my heart to love more than ever before. I open my ears to be a better listener, to listen to what lies behind the words, what beliefs are being shown.

And I can choose my words to be those of peace and love.

Today is the day. Let’s give peace a chance. Let’s peace the world together.