The power and beauty of music has the potential to transform.

Singing in an ensemble is about Teamwork – creating music together, learning and laughing together, inspiring and helping each other. All these positive results can come from participation in a choral group.

Our Choir has developed into an intermediate level group of singers that learn rather quickly. Singers do need to have some experience with choral (harmony) singing to feel comfortable in joining us. Matching pitch, holding your vocal part, while hearing other parts around you and being willing to do some “homework” is required.

If you don’t read music, but can learn quickly by ear, we do provide rehearsal tracks to practice with between rehearsals. NO solo singing is necessary, but DO let me know if you would be interested in auditioning for a solo or featured trio, etc.

On Tuesday evenings we prepare beautiful music to add inspiration to our services. We sing for our Center Sunday morning services once a month, and for special holidays.

If you enjoy singing and would like to be a part of the wonderful energy of the Jewel Tones Choir, come join us! Just find Diane King Vann on any Sunday morning after the service and she’ll be happy to share more info with you.

You’ll find you belong to a very special family.

Jewel Tones Choir Rehearsal

We sing music that inspires, uplifts, or quietly moves us to a deeper experience of love.  Join us Tuesday evenings at 7 p.m.

Music and Choir Director, Pianist, Diane King Vann

Diane van King

“Spring Sing!” Choir Show 2019

Easter Sunday 2016