image a flute
I want to be more like a flute

It may seem odd to aspire to be more like an inanimate object but let me explain.

I have heard the image of “hollow bone” spoken to illustrate the state of being empty so that one can be filled with Spirit. I’m starting to understand why images work sometimes when words don’t. I can take that image and feel it. It only takes a moment to conjure an image and the ideas behind it can germinate and grow over time.

For me the image of the flute takes the “hollow bone” even further. Like the bone I picture the long empty passage free of the mental clutter, judgement and general stuff that may get in Spirit’s way. But with the flute the breath (Spirit) has to be added to make it sing and when it does sing the music resonates outward touching everything everywhere with it’s music, it’s vibration. Our being can sense vibration long after our conscious mind is recognizing the sounds. There’s a skill to playing it which is built with practice. It can be spiritual practices, it can be a creative practice such as in playing the flute … to really bring the magic it’s probably both.

Flutes are in all kinds of stories. They are kind of magical. I like that too. It inspires my imagination.

Imaging is A Muscle
Sometimes I can hold images in my mind, sometimes I have to rely on the word to hold the image for me. I always have to remember that imaging is a skill, a muscle and will strengthen with use.

Images, Stories & Song
As we contemplate the role of creativity this month I am finding new appreciation in images and stories to connect with greater truths. Images, symbols show up in art, in stories, songs and our dreams. It’s another avenue for Spirit.

The Stories We Sometimes Need
Saturday night I was out enjoying the full moon. As I drove away I decided I needed a song. It was a beautiful full moon so I searched the iPod for something night sky-ish and not finding Van Morrison’s Moondance I settled on Jack Johnson’s “Constellations.”

The lyrics were just perfect and one line stood out among the others

“to find the stories we sometimes need.”

Sometimes we need stories, we need art, we need song. Their vibrations affect us long after we can hear the flute.

Here’s a little Jack … enjoy.