Since we are in the midst of the Commitment Experiment, I thought it might be good to “experiment” with manifesting something BIG on this blog…out loud.

Be bold. Put my intention out there and be vulnerable.

I’m making my intention known, will be up front about my actions and will be honest about the manifestation.

So, here it is:

My father-in-law passed away a couple of weeks ago in Holland.

The family is having a celebration of life for him on November 9th.

My mother-in-law offered to fly my husband out, but couldn’t afford to fly myself and our two boys out.

We all want to go for the celebration, however, the money that is coming in now covers are basic necessities and paying over $5,000 for this trip doesn’t seem feasible…at this moment!

I know we will manifest this trip and here have been our steps so far:

  1. We had a family meditation last night and this morning.  I guided my husband and kids to see us in Holland.  To visualize our family around. Laughing, running, and feeling the palpable energy that my in-laws generate when we all get together.  When they saw and felt the experience strongly, I asked them to ask, “How did we get here?”  Then, we all shared the answers our intuitions gave us.
  2. We created a check from the Universe (thank you, Juli Isola) for the amount that we need to have a great time, and of
    The $5,000 check from the Universe with the caveat,
    “or more” added.

    course, left the option for “more” to come to be received with gratitude.

  3. We placed the check on our energy altar each blessing it with a kiss and the affirmation of “Thank you, God, for this already being so.”
  4. I made an appointment at the passport office for next week to have my kids’ passports renewed.
  5. I have assembled all the documents we need for the passport renewals and know that the “proof of travel” (the paid airline tickets) will be included in the folder by the beginning of next week.
  6. I prayed, affirmatively, this morning knowing that this trip is already done.
  7. I prayed yesterday, with my prayer partner, Amy, about this trip.
And now, I let it all go and allow the Universe to do it’s part.  That said, I’m not going to deny ANY prayers should you be compelled to affirm our highest and best good for manifesting this trip!

UPDATE!!!!  Before I could publish on this post, my husband called with a “Holy sh*t” moment.

He got a call from his boss who had good news! A million dollar property they had been working on finalizing had finally been completed.  She was calling to say that his commission would be to him by mid to end of next week.

GUESS HOW MUCH IT IS?!?!  $5,200.

Hence, the “Holy sh*t” moment from my husband.

Steve, my husband, explained the situation of our Holland trip and before he could finish it, his boss said, “You need your commission earlier!”

“Yup,” said Steve.

His boss answered, “I’m actually on my way to the bank right now….”

(Of course she is, I thought)

…”I’ll deposit your commission directly to your bank account so you can get your tickets this weekend.”

Now, you may think, yeah, right! She knew that was going to happen.

I did know it would happen because of my faith and I recently learned that faith is made up of three parts, expectancy of the outcome, emotionally feeling the outcome, and action steps towards the outcome.

I had all three in motion.

What I didn’t know was how it would come about, yet, I was open to the infinite possibilities of manifesting this trip.

Here’s the interesting thing:

The property just happened to be in negotiations (for a while I might add), the negotiations just happened to be finalized today, and my husband’s boss just happened to be on her way to the bank.

We couldn’t make all that happen!

The trip was already done in the spirit realm.  The Universe was already creating the events to create it in our physical reality.  We simply had to bring our energetic vibration up to the level of vibration of the trip.  We did that with our action steps.  We showed the Universe we were willing to receive.
And now we will.

Hod damn! We’re going to Holland!