One of the exciting things about our center moving to San Clemente is all of the great stuff we have to get out and explore. Come with us on World Wide PhotoWalk day this Saturday to discover “Hidden Trestles”

What do we mean by “Hidden Trestles?”

Trestles is a world renowned surf break but unless you’re a surfer you may have never walked down to this secluded beach. There’s a lot going on down there at the south end of town, stuff you just don’t see as you scream down the freeway.

We start on Cristianitos, from that point we see many different things, a view of the north end of Camp Pendleton, a military recreation of an urban scape, an ancient indian burial ground and a vibrant underground art scene.

We will have inside information with our guide Juli Faith, local street art and graffiti photographer. Plan to get dirty on this leg of the trip. We are going off road to check out the urban landscape which lives under I-5 and old Highway 101.

Reemerging to old Highway 1 we continue our trek down the road to the surfing mecca of the continental United States.

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