We might say that both the artist and the neurotic bite off more than they can chew, but the artist spews it back out again and chews it over in an objectified way, as an ex­ternal, active, work project…

Lately I have been dreaming that I can fly, not in a movie kind of way, but in a visceral 4D,  touch taste and feel, first person kind of way. I find myself hovering over the trees, then floating down to meet with people on the ground, and loving this round world. I find myself so involved that I don’t want to wake up. But in the end, Kate kicks, or the light comes. These dreams all seem to be connected in some way, like watching a TV show from one season to the next.  I have been sharing these dreams and the insight I get from them with my friends and family. It is a story that is better told than read.

What have you been dreaming of lately? Do you find yourself flying in your dreams? What is your unconscious mind trying to bubble to the surface of your experience? Are dreams our connection to a quantum multidimensional universe or just an escape from our everyday reality? That you must decide for yourself.

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A Dreamy Little Waterfall