Spirit resides in the Eternal Now

Today’s entry in the Joyous Living Journal speaks of being fully present.

What a coincidence!

On Monday nights I have just started taking the “Thomas Troward: The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science” a class facilitated by our very own Rev. Bruce Fredenburg.

We have a dedicated group and more are welcome to join us as we discuss the nature of pretty much everything.

Our first selection discusses the differences between Spirit and matter. Already we have delved into the deep end and the discussion is already pertinent to the daily readings in the Joyous Living Journal.

“When the elements of time and space are eliminated all our ideas of things must necessarily be as subsisting in a universal here and an everlasting now.”

Spirit is infinite and because of this cannot be limited to a place or a time but rather exists in the Eternal Now. It would follow that to commune with Spirit one must be in that Eternal Now.

Here’s to being in the Present Moment!

Come join the discussion. If you have a Kindle the book in downloadable for free on amazon.com

See you Monday at 7:00 pm at the Center.