Following Your Intuition Into The World
Following Our Intuition Into The World

Last month a few of us gathered together to do a “visioning” for the month of October. We were instructed to sit quietly and listen to our intuition. What came through loud and clear, and one of the things that keeps coming back to me over and over again.

Get outside of your comfort zone, get outside and meet your neighbors, get outside and interact with your friends, get outside and sing, get outside and love, get outside and learn, get outside and share, get outside and teach, get outside and practice, get outside and capture the moment, get outside and play, get outside and change your world.

Take the time to listen to your intuition today, where should you be going?

“I would argue that immersion is primarily a quality of consciousness that has to do with the capture and control of attention, a necessary condition for any interpersonal persuasion, education, or entertainment to occur.” Diana Slattery.

“We are talking about directly engaging the technical material of subjectivity itself” Erik Davis.