Off of the wharf in Dana Point, California there is a wonderful event happening once a month. Volunteers arrive early to the wharf on a Saturday morning to set sail for a special cause.  They are there to create an experience to those who are walking this earth with challenges.  The gift experience is fishing. Guests with special needs and their support guest are treated to a day of fun, excitement and the ability to work through some of their challenges.

Jim Holden is the founder of this non-profit organization and was inspired by his friend, Jeffrey Kutcher, who has cerebral palsy.  Through Jim, the love and passion of an idea took shape and manifested itself as Fish for Life.

Jim says, “We’re Spreading the Love One Boat at a Time!”
“I’m hopeful the Fish for Life experience will inspire many others to take action with their calling whatever it may be to help make our world a better and more loving experience.”

When we align ourselves in the Love of God, the flood gates of ideas come in the form of an inspiration. As Jim stated when he had his first idea for Fish for Life, “God then blessed me with ideas one after another!”  It is easy to disregard a thought as fleeting, harebrained or something that could be difficult to accomplish.  Once in a while take a look at those ideas.  If they are truly inspired, the ideas come with ease.  Our call is to listen with our entire Soul, heart, and body to catch those ideas and act from that vision. 

If your inspiration comes by way of Special Needs volunteerism, remember, they definitely are the master teachers of this life.  Each one of them teach Love, Joy, humility, and patience.  Volunteering with those who have disabilities will allow the volunteer to show peace, compassion and understanding. Teaching a special needs individual to Fish for Life will be reciprocated by teaching the volunteer about living life. This in turn may create an environment in the volunteers life of Joy and Peace. Fish for Life, Fish for Love.  Namaste.