Have you ever caught yourself telling others or even yourself the same old stories? I have. I am actually finding myself getting quite bored with my stories.

Tonight was my last Troward class and I now recognize references to these stories in his philosophy.

Troward calls it being in the relative, “descending to the level of secondary causation.”

If we regard the fulfilment of our purpose as contingent upon any circumstances, past, present, or future we are not making use of first cause; we have descended to the level of secondary causation, which is the region of doubts, fears, and limitations, all of which we are impressing upon the universal subjective mind with the inevitable result that it will build up corresponding external conditions.

It’s a mouthful but that’s our stories, the limitations and “set” conditions from our past, present and even future. 

Our stories, the land of secondary causation, is the most uncreative place we can be. No wonder they are starting to bore me. It’s where we forfeit all possibility.


Who in their right mind would do that?