Many New Thought teachers have used the metaphor of a garden for the creative process. Sometimes, the preparation for the planting is omitted in the process.  When we omit preparing the soil, we will end up with a garden that is sparse and looks neglected. For we find that we rarely stumble across soil that is tilled, fertilized and weed-free. We often find in our garden plot: stones, clumps of dirt, and unlimited weeds.

The same is true for metaphysical planting. We are always experiencing the sum total of our consciousness, known and unknown. This is one of the reasons for being in the habit of keeping a personal journal. It will help you discover what are your deep thoughts, known and unknown, and beliefs. It will show you where you are repeating the same experiences for years despite the conscious, stated intention to have a new experience.

Socrates lived by the words: “An unexamined life is not worth living.”

Someone quipped: “An unlived life is not worth examining!” 

The second statement brings some humor but it is equally false. An unlived life is the result of thinking the same monotonous, false beliefs as ever.  

Thee beliefs include: “There is never enough to go around.” or “There is never enough for me.” Or the terrible too’s can set in, “I am too old…too fat…too short…too tall…too uneducated…too over-educated.” or “Why did I lose that position? or husband? or friend?”

When we discover that we have been abusing ourselves with these false beliefs, we must begin at once to reverse our thinking. (This is akin to pulling up weeds.) It helps me to remind myself that I am made in the image of Divine Mind, Infinite Presence. Then I simply ask myself if what I have been declaring could be the case for God. Could it be true that God is too old? Could Divine Mind be too poorly educated? Could First Cause be limited by any negativity?

Clearly the answer is, ” No, It could not.”

Then what? Get some vital seeds and plant them. You will know the seed’s vitality by your confidence that what you are planting you shall surely harvest.  Having a vision of your manifest good, is helpful.

Years ago I saw my eventual ministry in a visioning. I saw myself in a place with palm trees by the ocean. At the time I lived in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. There is not a single palm tree and the ocean with palm trees is 1450 miles distant.  Now I live by the ocean and there are palm trees everywhere.

I offer the following Affirmative prayer for each one to expand his or her consciousness:

Divine Mind is all-knowing, everywhere present, Infinite Peace and Infinite Love. Its Nature is Love and It operates through Its own impeccable Law. Knowing that this One is everywhere present, i know It is right where I am. it is in me, for me and as me now.  I know that Divine Love opens my heart to all people. I see Grace, Beauty, Joy and Light in all others. I see myself as a peace-maker and peace keeper. I let go of my ego and undefended go about the business of seeing Good everywhere. I joyously accept this as the Truth. With gratitude, aware that my word has already been acted upon, I place this word in God’s perfect law. It is complete. And so it is.

Palm Trees Everywhere