Jason Silva’s, Shots of Awe, Entering Godmode, is a profound visual and auditory experience. Silva is a man who is excited about the possibilities that are within us and available to us right now.  I love his enthusiasm and knowledge. From Silva’s point of view, this is a leading edge idea. Indeed it is a ;leading edge idea, and we, students of the Science of Mind have been on that leading edge since the 1920’s. 

As students of the Science of Mind, we have had this knowledge for a very long time. Are you as excited as Jason about what you can create? Or have you become mesmerized by the your circumstances, habits and ordinary thoughts?

It really is exciting to truly understand that not only can we create our own experience, but that we are always doing so. We are not always conscious of that creative process.

Consciousness creates form.

Your consciousness is subject to your beliefs. What do you believe about yourself and your capabilities? Have you started to awaken to that inner giant, your subconscious mind? Have you awakened to the other inner giant, the Presence of the Divine?

This upcoming Sunday, my message is “There is Only One Life” and I will be exploring that God expresses in and though all that is and all that ever will be.

Since Spirit shows up through the creative process in all people, all beings and all life, it is important to plant seeds of your choice.

What are you planting?  Are you planting the same old ideas year after year? Or has something inspired you to make  a quantum leap to a whole new world? What is the best possible world you can imagine for yourself? Plant those ideas!

Whenever I watch one of Jason Silva’s videos, I am inspired by the infinite possibles within me, to the difference I can make just because I know what I know.

I am envisioning such great things this year. I am envisioning collaboration and cooperation greater than any we have seen thus far. I am envisioning more kindness and caring. I am envisioning more connection with friends and family.I am envisioning a healthy mind and a healthy body. And I am envisioning more prosperity and abundance than ever before for all of us.

Are you willing to consciously enter the “Godmode” and plant seeds of excellence, newness and vitality? This would be saying yes to your Higher Power’s greatest ideas about you. listen to your heart and move in the direction of your dreams.